Music You've Been Listening To

Good thing I don’t listen to the radio then.

I’ve been listening to The Church today…Of Skins and Heart, The Blurred Crusade and now Heyday.

One of my favourite triple sets of albums by any artist.

I’m not a devotee of The Church by any means, but I did like their output up to (and including) Starfish. Except Seance which was killed for me by a rare shocker put in by Nick Launay with his mix and those ghastly gated drums.

Found them a bit ponderous thereafter.

Agree re Seance…only listened to it again the other day…it’s not on my playlist so I go back to it every few years to see if I missed something…it never seems to get any better.

I also really like Gold Afternoon Fix and Priest=Aura and Sometime Anywhere is not bad.

But those albums in my first post (on the subject) are absolute classics (imo)

Wickedly underrated band (imo)

Haha! Pay that.

On a similar note, I recently read an observation that Kid Rock is Ted Nugent without the talent and so is Ted Nugent.

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Although Ted has turned out to be a bit of a RWNJ, he made some pretty good music in his early days.

His self titled album is a ripper and I still enjoy listening to it.


Nutter. But could play guitar.

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Obsessed with this atm

Ted nugent, could play guitar.

This sounds harsh on the headphones but goes alright on the stereo. But my question which version is better or is there a better cover that I’m missing?

Thered be hundred of covers of this tune. Its a very old blues standard that probably goes back as far as the cotton fields.

But its John Lee Hooker from 1959 for me.

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Maybe this one

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A couple of albums I picked up and had never heard them before - Mrs H says I wasted my cash!!


Having a beer in the shed with this masterpiece. John Martyn Solid Air. 1973. Got a ripper half speed pressing that sounds very nice.


What a great way to spend a Friday night!

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Mate you have definitely not wasted your cash. Check out all of Clutchs’ vast back catalogue, it is all killer. And Doggatron if you don’t know (but prob does ) take note. Some of the best H Rock/ Blues /Stoner going.

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Thanks redgoat
Mrs H is classical/opera so we do have slight differences
I bought a copy of a live album recorded in Melbourne and produced 1000 copies - i got lucky and the album is a ripper - will be on the lookout forore clutch.

The best song Weezer never released…

Quite like this one too… big fat drums and bass…

A pity their music lost all its balls from this point onwards (they still gave good video though…)

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New album from Airbag