"Must Do" for Rest of Season

With the Neeld news it is clear that the dominoes have started to fall. Here is what I feel the rest of the season should be judged against:

ONE - Implement a game plan that fits the list
Yes, we are missing the 1-2 contested ball kings in the mid-field but that is no reason to rollover and die. We desperately need to put the players in a position to succeed with the teammates they have on the field. Kick it long, present hard, pressure like crazy.

TWO - Be ruthless at the selection table
This season is over in terms of contending for a finals spot. So, make some lemonade from these lemons. Use the next 14 matches to get games into players like Laverde, Langford, Clarke, Guelfi. And, at the same time figure out who is not going to cut it. That way, Dodoro can plan accordingly for drafting and trading.

THREE - Identify players we are willing to trade out
I love one-club players as much as the next one-eyed fan but the harsh reality as shown by the Swans, Hawks, Tigers, and Crows is that you have to be willing to move on players in their prime in order to set yourself up for the future. Which veterans are we willing to let go? And don’t tell me Goddard as his currency is low given his age.


Kick it to ORAZIO


Get Al Clarkson

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Make new threads







How long has Dodoro been there? Does it happen to coincide with 5000 days?


I loved media jumping all over the 5,000 days. Brilliant!


We need to empower the players to move towards the strategic direction of the team.

We also need to work out who we are going to trade in, and what free agents we are going to throw some coin at.

We need to cut fairly deep, so some better free agent depth type players might be an idea, even better if they come from a club with recent success.

When I was working at the Cas in the late 90’s, his uncle used to come into the VIP and talk about him.

He was definitely involved in recruiting back then in some capacity !

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He worked at the CAS? Stone him.


strategy…pfft reminds me of corporate numb nuts waddling around with their MBAs pretending to add “shareholder” value.

Someone just coach these boys. We need a better match day coach and better work off field work on the basics.

its football. its not that complicated.

Skills and IQ tests for all players

Define how they want to be known
Simplify and articulate the plan
Gain buy in
All bets are off in terms of reputation, you play your role or you ply your trade at a Windy Hill
Find out about the list, at the end of this year we must know more about Langford, Laverde, Redman, Ridley, Clark at a minimum.


Play hard and when the humps reem us - just laugh at them and go in even harder

Play Dylan Clarke.

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Play Clarke and Langford, together, in the middle, every game (unless injured or genuinely needing a rest). Let them develop the partnership they have formed in the VFL at senior level.




We don’t really have much to offer up in trade. In my opinion these blokes all have some trade value.


We could let TBC leave as a Free Agent.

You can pretty much delist everyone else older than Devon Smith when their contracts are up as I don’t think you’d get much for them.

The only exemption to all that is Cale Hooker. I wouldn’t consider letting him go. I like his attitude and his ability to football.

Go back to the game plan that worked so well for us last season in our best wins over Port & Saints. Not a lot to relearn, keep it simple, apply more pressure in the F50.

Don’t select injured players. Selection based on merit and form. Give Myers a tap on the shoulder. At the end of the season a lot of the list should be turned over. Do the trades. Pay the fine.