My Hate Ladder 2014

My Hate Ladder 2014 (and reasons):

Carlton reigning premiers and undefeated for the past 35 years. My hatred for them grows year on year.
Convicted salary cheats.
99 preliminary maybe the lowest point of my life.
Involved in sorry saga according to ASADA yet nothing from AFL commission?
■■■■ ignorant supporters - last year overheard 2 Bluesers bemoaning Casboult for his lack of clearances.
Pea heart players like Murphy and Gibbs.

Hawthorn very unlucky not to snag a flag and perennial grand finalists. Stole our mantle for best indigenous players.
Dermott as a player, commentator and person - ■■■■ is is so self important and he actually knows sweet ■■■■ all (opposed to Dunstall who is one of the best commentators).
■■■■ and ■■■■ club whose supporters talk ■■■■ even when they aren’t ■■■■■■.
Line in the sand (we still smashed them).
Line in the Sewell (we still smashed them)
Probably did peds and definitely did pills.
Jeff Kennett & Dermott (yeah he gets 2 mentions).

Geelong for family reasons push them up a bit.
Inbred supporters like Cameron Ling sired half the population.
Most of their fans have obviously only been watching footy for the last 10 years with this greatest team of all - before then they were a pack of pea hearts and perennial losers.
Greatest player ever did a heap of drugs and (allegedly) killed a girl.

Collingwood are literally the lowest common denominator.
Eddie I just hate him and his friend Sarah.
Their players like to drink and drive.

North Melbourne have made a pretend rivalry somehow became real (I never gave a fuck about these nobodies but their very few fans keep on banging on about our rivalry I now hate them).
Last years final also hurt.
Best player ever was a ■■■■ head who shagged his mates wife (I would only expect this from a Manc).
I hold them partially responsible for the ■■■■ head Vlad.
Probably can’t afford drugs.

West Coast definitely took drugs and lots of them but somehow never tested positive under the outstanding ASADAs watchful eyes.
Yet their ■■■■ supporters boo’d Jobe.
Most people from Perth are ■■■■ heads and any Eagles game is proof.

Port Adelaide were big ladder movers this past year with Judas Ryders defection and Kochie the ■■■■ wit talking tough every other week.
Also have the unfortunate mantle of the ugliest supporters from the ugliest city in Australia).

Sydney have generally get the best run with umpires since Dunkley eye gouging Hird & Pluggers point in 1996.
Roos also ■■■■■■ them up with boring game plan and I am so sick of bloods culture - bring on the crips.

Richmond just had to be 9th.
Biggest bandwagon jumpers in the league lose a couple and more people turn up to agoraphobia convention, win a couple and they are hiring planes to Adelaide.
Convicted PED cheats.

St Kilda still have more rapists than premierships. Feral supporters.

Melbourne are a disgrace of a club who should just fold so they can ski all season and we can enjoy our footy without these silver spoons.
Somehow they manage to regularly upset us between is smashing them.

Adelaide have the least knowledgeable fans in football.

Brisbane because 2001 is still in recent memory and they blood doped in 2001.

Gold Coast also drugs (according to ASADA).

Western Bulldogs only because they ruined a perfect season in 2000.

Fremantle because they have a ■■■■ jumper.

I kinda like Greater Western Sydney & Sheeds was there for a fair while.

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This is gold. Harsh gurge

haha this actually made me massive LOL at work

This is gold. Harsh gurge

  1. VLAD
  3. ASADA
  6. AFL
  8. RYDER

the top 8 of h8

I suspected someone else was the OP. kinda disappointed

I hate port supporters.

Well, ‘hate’ is too strong a word for me - there is not much I ‘hate’, and what I do, is worthy of it.
But an ‘unreasonable dislike’ ladder - sure, why not.


Bulldogs (my wife’s team)

I still hate Nathan Bailey for stealing my Green Day Dookie CD back in year 9.

Love the concept.