Name our Home base


Three reasons actually.

You have to pay a toll to get to it from the South Eastern suburbs.


In honour of the greatest centre line to play for essendon.

The (derek and dale) KICKETTs (michael) LONG (willie) (DICK) Hangar


Bomber Heaven




I think we should call it Franga’s House.

That way he wont be homesick any more.


Sam Mitchell Is A Carnt


In all seriousness, there’s absolutely no reason why it should be named anything other than The Hangar.




Windy Hill 2.0


Don’t worry. it will be “The Hangar”.
Anyway it was Lou Richards (old Collingwood mongrel) who gave the Essendon Recreation Reserve the nickname “Windy Hill”.

(ps I come from a long line of Hangers)


2 ovals 1 cup


Groundy McGroundface


2 Hookers 16 Cups


The Dungeon


StKilda’s would be 1 Oval 1 Cup




I have been banging on about this on social media and now that I have found this thread I can’t help myself.

We have had six men from the Daniher family pull on our famous red sash yet have nothing - nada, zilch - named after them.
Two of them have captained the club - one a premiership captain. Another - Joe - will possibly be our greatest all-time goalkicker by the time he hangs up his size 12s.
It should be the TDC, The Daniher Centre. And yes, it’s a nice little play on the TD nickname.


The Hangar


Kickettlong stadium ( with a hand ball here and there )


I’ve often thought this too. But I’d go even further and specifically name the 1st level viewing platform after A Daniher’s enormous forehead.