Name our Home base


The House That Edna Built

(name some secondary item after Jim)


Sheed’s Shed


Just sell it, get more dosh to make it better.


McCracken’s Lair


sure i’d love it being called the Daniher Centre or something else of significance to us, but can certainly see the upside in reaping in some big bucks for a corporate name. If it means being able to bring in the best coaches, equipment etc. and luring better players - all resulting in more success - then I’m all for it.
We just took a huge financial hit with the SAGA - here’s another remedy. We can always take the money and invest it in development in rural areas, the women’s team etc etc.,


I think the inference is the club is willing to forego the sponsorship. Maybe the coteries will cover the difference.


I love that the club does not need the dollars (assuming this is the case), like when Barcelona had Unicef as their sponsor. Unlike Collingwood, Carlton, West Coast etc, we are bigger than that.

Corporate naming rights devalue any location, particularly since most regularly change. Does Collingwood train at the Lexus or the Holden? Geelong at Spotless or Simmonds? Is Docklands the Dome or Colonial? They’re not even names, just pasted on ads that are embarrassing to repeat. There is no mystique or glory attached to such a name and no time for it to acquire any. It screams “look at our club, we’re anyone’s for a buck”.

No-one wants to say- “I saw him when he first played in the reserves at Visy, what a day” But Windy Hill, the Reynolds Ovals, Daniher House, even the Hangar sound like something. There is room for multiples here- one name for the whole venue, say, and another for the ovals. “Keep playing like that and you’ll be at the Runway one day, lad”. It is all a way of saying what we stand for, and it will be repeated on websites, TV reports, newspaper articles, etc, for years to come.

Having said all that, I could still see room for some small-scale very Essendon sponsorships for a room, theatrette, gym etc- Cacao Hunters, Don Smallgoods, Noble Boy Beer, Blue Sea Pools come to mind. These businesses are so red and black that they concentrate rather than dilute the message. But keep the venue unmistakably ours.


I agree with the sentiment. I’m sure fans all over the world would prefer have their premises named with legends/meaningful names. There’s a reason even Barca put Emirates on their shirts in the end… It’s a much less painful way of generating income than others…
I agree with you that the name’s meaningless since it changes the whole time - so I don’t really care - if it brings in the cash…
Bottom line - don’t think there’s a right or wrong - all a matter of balance. the personal awards all emulate greats of the past, as they should, and there are many other ways to link the past to the present/future…


I’d take a suite of brand names to bring income over running farking pokies any day.


House of pain



Guess we have a new name…


*Drug Dungeon round back.


Should’ve sold the rights again that way we have a revenue stream that isn’t gambling.


And more revenue.


the bet365 hanger

so @Stallion can get excited about something that isn’t west ham being relegated.


Sell our soul and name it after the highest bidder.


Ooh ooh ooh, is it The Bomber Base?

It is, isn’t it?

Welcome to The Bomber Base everyone.


Really hoping West Ham isn’t relegated…


Exactly; sentiment aside why didn’t we sell it off again?? Money for jam


Although I didn’t think The Hangary was an option?