Name That Song! - Audio Quiz #3 - Quiz in OP

Brains trust is the word i was after!

Took about an hour to put that together. Next one might be a bit easier now i have the template down.

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Wah wah wah.

Makes you think twice and form doubt.

I’m very happy with 11/20.
I mean…simmo says he had ‘em all…

Does that mean no one will do this one anymore now?

Maybe i need to restrict to maybe two but you can give cryptic clues for others.


No prizes though.

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Wow that was incredible @simmo41, and nice work @Soulnet


CJ wants a little more Richard Thompson.

You ■■■■■■■ nerd! :rofl:
In all seriousness, I bow to you!


Wouldn’t be a soulnet quiz without Wilson Phillips Hold On.

First listen through I picked up about 3 or 4 and had a whole lot of “oh FK, what was that”

And then saw simmo had

I think limit to 4 or 5 until open slather time is better …



If @simmo41 can privately name all 20, i’ll make a special nanosecond version for him.

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I thought I heard Ace Of Base The Sign in there twice lol

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Audio quiz #2 just gave me a seizure.

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Geez, some of those are like a micro-second

Freakin amazing!


Post 1 - Audio Quiz 2

Got it.
That’s radio station million dollar quality.

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How many we allowed to answer?

1 the sign ace of base
2 i swear - boys 2 men
4 the power of love - celine dion
8 ace of base - all that she wants
16 whomp there it is - tag team
19 beck - loser

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Is xhavok simmos other account?

I head Ace of Bass and that’s it!

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Post 1 dude!

Unlike the other quiz there is no prize, no heroes, no leaderboard. Try to name a couple of the songs and help others out by dropping hints if you know more. Feel free to share and discuss with others what they all might be!

Number two is also only half right.

I thought I heard Haddaways Life at 14 but I’m sceptical you would play this one.