Nathan Brown


What a piece of trash!
This prick needs a few weeks for that dog act.


Surely he has to get 3-4. After Gaff, the AFL cant afford to go soft. Brown’s a lowlife scum.




Great to see the boys fire up a little bit for a change. Langers was in there.
Need more of it.




Yeah [email protected] him!!!

Who is he again?


I’m sick to death of our players getting knocked out. It’s happened far too much this season. Cheap shots all over the place.

I’d like to see us make a stand. Fly the flag.


I hope someone gaffs him


I thought he retired/delisted a couple of seasons ago.

Caca footballer.


What a carnt.


This thread is exactly what Blitz was lacking.


Did David King give him a hug at half time?


4 weeks.

Cheap shot.


Kingy also needs a good Gaffing.


and then sack him the week leading up to round 1


I had to gaff a very big Ling once.

Willing to do it again.


Did you tape it


Yeah, … you have to, … otherwise they explode.



4-6, come off his line, blindsided.
Didn’t break or knock out teeth so the outcome isn’t as bad as Gaff.
No way that was less than what Cameron did to Andrews so should expect similar outcome.

Edit - didn’t mean to reply to sameolds.


He is the ugly twin