Nathan Brown


Hit him in the head

Knocked him out

Behind play

He is fkd


I didn’t mind it but has to cop 2-3 to be in line with others. Just wish it was us dishing them out occasionally rather than always being on the end of them


Trolling, or just fishing?


How frickin’ late was it though?


Free to play next week.


I think it will be victim blaming time this week ie saad contributed to the incident with his lack of peripheral vision and not bracing himself for the impact.


Shouldn’t it have been a 50m penalty ala Goddard on Sidebottom? or does that rule only apply to us?


“Free kick Saints”

But seriously if he doesnt get 4 weeks or more then there is no justice in the AFL.


One week ago the AFL deemed Frangas bump to Omeara to be head high. Therefore this is head high. There can be no debate on this.

Intentional, head, severe impact. Throw in a sniping premium.

■■■■ needs to get 5 minimum.

Also, where was the 50 for taking the player out after disposal? Should have been a shot dead in front 15 out. Instead they call “advantage” on a rushed snap 30 out.

Cost us a player and a certain goal.


He’ll get three weeks for this, but the overreaction to this bump is ridiculous.


What’s ridiculous mate?


Late. Thats the key IMO.

This will end Browns career. I assume a spud of his magnitude couldnt possibly be going around again next year.


Lol here we go. You can’t pick off a player after he has long gotten rid of the ball.


pertinent question, i know we got the downfield, however saad was very much prevented from impacting the next contest, or any contest there after.


Recently signed on for another year


The actual bump itself I have no issue with. It’s that he took 4 or 5 steps after Saad had disposed of it, tucked in the shoulder and plowed through him. Not on. If he had done the exact the same thing while the ball was in Saad’s hands then whatever it would be reckless and high he’d get a week.

You can’t just go running through blokes who aren’t in possession though. That’s what makes the reaction in here justified.


Side note: I want one of those screens that doc Reid has. How good do they look?


Wow stkilda are more stuffed than I thought they were



A parallel in tackling would be when you pin both arms of a player you have a duty of care to them not to spear their head into the ground.


As a dog lover, l object to this crude portrayal of canine’s. Brown on the other hand is a thug mug. It was a deliberate act, and he should get 4 weeks.