NBA 2017-18 - Ben Simmons is here


He answered since some questions today


Thomas is back for the Cavs and looked pretty good today with 17 points.
He will definitely improve their lineup a lot and take some pressure off LBJ.


Another game of watching the Sixers build a healthy lead. Just now to sit and wait for them to blow it


Paddy Mills having a great game. Seems every Aussie that takes on Simmons just happens to lift for the occasion


Ben attacking the bucket in the last QTR. Great to watch.


They playing hack a Ben? 15 fta


Only problem was tonight he hit 10 from 15 and probably got them over the line.

They gave up a healthy lead again but got back over the Spurs in the last few minutes. Big win for them.


6 of those Free Throws were because he attacked the rim.


Most of those were him attacking the basket. They deliberately fouled him twice and he hit 3 of the 4 i think.
He was played more aggressively today - great game


Box score said he put up a 3, is this true?


Half way shot on the buzzer


Celtics have beaten Warriors, Cavs and the Rockets. They’re legit.


Bulls have beaten Celtics. They’re legit.


Clippers 7 wins from the last 8 games

Healthy Blake and they are playing some nice ball, he is still a very very good player when healthy

I think they can make a run on the 7/8 seed, not sold on Blazers or Pelicans


First All Star ballot returns, Ben not looking like a starter but might get a run:


Lebron probably needs to pass Giannis. Hopefully being Klutch means Lebron would choose Ben as a captain’s pick.


Isaiah Thomas had a hell of game. 18 minutes and already 7th for guards


Australia doing a terrible job of getting him over the line


Weren’t they doing something different this year?
I thought the highest scoring players get to choose their teammates (or something like that).


Another big reason for clippers resurgence, Milos: