NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


What a finish to the WOLVES THUNDER game

Melo hits the winner, no time-outs run it down 4 seconds Wiggins pulls up for the game winning 3


Lakers are hot garbage


that would of been then of the night son, if I was coach


Andre Roberson is who you’re referring to. I think Adrian Robertson is some kind of tax accountant operating out of West Coburg.

It’s always been pretty baffling to me how professional basketball players can be so bad at the line… I guess their focus is more on the other parts of their game but… come on… I suspect somehow their arm muscles don’t work like mine do.

Also on the coaching situation in Phoenix, see below. Complete clean out. Sarver renowned as a long time reactive a**hole.


Bledsoe sent home. Doesn’t expect to play for Suns again




Thank you Suns.
Anything to take some attention away from my rabble of an organisation


I really think Delly would be a perfect fit at the Suns, plays great D and can play off the ball, so Booker can handle the point…


Simmons flirting with a trip double half way through 4th.


He got it


Simmons with 21/12/10 with a minute to go.
I have been really impressed with his defence as well. He is going to be a superstar.


Ben Simmons

Most consecutive double doubles as a rookie since Shaq

First Aussie to ever get a trip dub

First player to ever get 10/10/5 in their first 4 games of Nba



Is he really an Aussie though, or was he just born here while his dad was playing NBL and then learnt his basketball in the US?

Who will he play for in the Olympics?


Being an Aussie, how long before he’s branded DIRTY AND TOO ROUGH.


No only is he a keen Aussie who’ll play for the Boomers, he’s a Bombers supporter too. Lot to like about him.


Well he was born here and moved at age 15/16 to better develop his game. He is very strong on being an Aussie though. Noted he will be playing for Australia in next Olympics.


Forget Ben… The Suns won!!!
Sacked coach bounce! However I did prefer his rotations to Watsons


Nearly all those Americans who made the NBL great in the 90’s like Fisher, Bruton, Smith, Simmons etc became Australian permanent residents.


Fair enough. I thought he left when he was very young.


Actually the rookie ruck Smith at Brisbane is the son of Calvin.


Actually the first influx of Americans to play basketball occurred in the 1970’s. It was the band of teachers imported to Australia that included basketballers like Goorjian. Had two American teachers in primary school who were damn fine teachers.