NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


He is Aussie, his mother is Australian, he is an Australian Citizen and has already played games for the boomers.

Once you have played for one country that’s it.

Thon Maker is saying he will play for us next Olympiad to


Great to see Chris start! Impressed with James too. And don’t mind Jackson as a number 6 this early in his career.

Plus welcome back Ullis!!!


He left to go play US prep ball over going to the AIS, but has repped Australia at u17’s and seniors already


Yep, not sure why Watson was the only one that couldn’t see his rotations didn’t work.
I think I would like Len to start too, but Chandler did much better than he had been


OK. I get it. Thanks.


Aussie. Like bogut, he normally comes back here in the off season.

Kyrie Irving was the not-really-Aussie who could’ve qualified.


Will Bledsoe get traded?


Yes. Knicks and Bucks the early front runners.


If Simmonds news is not leading all papers and news bulletins in Australia, then they need to shut up shop.

Internationally, this is our biggest sporting export since our tennis/swimming golden days


Bogut also a good EFC supporter(and I think Exum as well)


Gastro through the Jazz camp. A few might not go, today including Jingles.


Dellavedova Collingwood
And I think Ingles is Hawthorn

So not to be considered Australian


Patty Mills is Dons too.


Was Maryborough a Pies zone (way back when)?


Crows fan I believe.


Dear Alan,

Ben Simmons is an Aussie. Just thought someone should let you know.



@benfti: You’ll be pleased to hear that my lad made his debut for West Adelaide Bearcats last Saturday. He’s 11 and 5 foot 8.


They used to be an NBL team way back in the day


They were my most despised rival in juniors. Took great delight putting 20 on them in a gf at Apollo back in the day.

Smug barstards.


Who did you play for, I was a Norwood Flame in my days in Adelaide