NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


He actually stood straight up motioning to the ref BLOCK BLOCK


He’s still moving sideways.



IF you still think that a charge, then you’re clearly showing your anti-Warriors bias.


Was initially a bad call.

If Kevin Love decides not to foul Curry on his drive with 23.5 left it’s a different game.
He’s just happy JR has taken the spotlight.


George Hill could have made a FT and game probably was over.


LeBron drops 51/8/8 and they still lose! He can’t do any more, he is an absolute beast. If Game 2 is a beatdown get the broom out.


If that was Lebron driving on Durant, GSW fans would 100% say it’s a block.

In any case, that game showed that GSW only have to play properly for five minutes and this series isn’t even a contest. The fact Cavs took it overtime is amazing.


Mark it by how fans of opposing team react?


GSW’s overtime plays and scoring the forgotten story in all this


JaVale Magee: “I’m gonna be ‘Shaqtin’ a Fool’ of the NBA Finals”
JR Smith: “Hold my beer”




Looks like the 76ers will fire Colangelo .


hasn’t jr done that a few times this year too?

remember a must win game for them late in the season he intercepted a pass meant for lebron and threw a ■■■■ you three that airballed?




Looks like he is just sorting out the details of where he will be next year


LeBron is in a no-lose situation. The narrative has shifted. If he loses this series, most people would’ve expected it and he’ll have done absolutely everything he can to carry this roster as far as it has gone. If he wins, he’s borderline GOAT and it will be the greatest individual feat ever for one man to overcome a stacked team and one of the best seen in many years. And after all is said and done, if he leaves Cleveland for a second time, nobody will blame him, in fact most people will think he’s stupid if he sticks around…


How has Hill not come under any heat?


He doesn’t have JR Smith’s ■■■■ head


Love is chronically under rated. The whole roster argument, I don’t get - like he picked this team… remember him moving on IT quickly?

GSW has a short bench atm, if they get a healthy Iggy back look out.

To the people crying over that block call, it was there - James didn’t square his hips and was still moving.

I would start Korver over JR. Baffling how little minutes he gets

TT is a potato, he has an opportunity to really expose GSW in the paint.