NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


“In its Last Two Minute Report on officiating, the NBA admitted that Draymond Green committed a lane violation on the decisive George Hill free throw that eventually led to Smith dribbling the ball out of the paint and ending regulation tied 107-107. If the violation had been caught, Hill would have been awarded a new free throw attempt and another chance to give the Cavs the lead”


When the hell are the Sixers firing Colangelo?
Just get it done and move on.


Stern might have just told them to hold off until the finals are done.




ha, sorry Silver!


Or your PG can just hit a basic FT to grab the lead…


smith went full essington


…Or JR could be aware scores are tied and thus realize it’s probably a worthwhile idea to put up a shot rather than dribble away.





I still can’t believe JR

What I more so cant believe, is that anyone thinks it was a brain fade. You actually think it was just him “being dumb” and that he had no awareness of the time/situation? It was SO bad, it was that obvious it was a real bad attempt to send the game to OT. I can barely watch anymore, NBA is sooooooo rigged it isn’t funny. It’s like watching WWE.


Take the tin foil hat off

He is a low IQ basketball player, done it before. As so said earlier, George Hill hits a regular FT and they probably win the game.

Why would the NBA rig the game?


Why the hell not? They’ve done it before.


Fk me if you don’t think the nba have pre determined scenarios during playoffs/finals then your just choosing to ignore the obvious. I’m not saying every game is like that, but I guarantee you the nba will do everything they can to get this to go to game 5-6 at least


Jr Smith is dumb as ■■■■. I can understand rigging vis umpires and ■■■■. But he’s a genuine spud.


I’m replying to above, saying it was rigged to get to OT. Nah just a dumb Basketball player, following a dumb free throw shooting performance.

About to enjoy game two

Javal to start game two, wow their bench is thin


Lebron doesn’t get anywhere near it. GS ball. Lol


There is no more punchable image than when they pan to curry chewing on his mouthguard


Draymond Green, everyday of the week! :smiley:


Great ball movement by GSW


Javal is about as good as Jeff green