NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Players voted Donovan Mitchell ROY over Simmons?
It was close but I thought Simmons had the better season.
Will be interesting to see who wins the ROY voted on by media.


I thought Donovan. Lots in the US thought the same.

A lot here think Simmons cause they hear and see a lot about him in the media. But most haven’t seen Donovan.


Donavan is a gun


yeah i got laughed at when i went early and said that the ROY wasn’t fait accompli and that Mitchell,Tatum,Kuzma were playing at the level.

Sounds like you’re getting your wish with Ayton too Fog.


I too got told I was wrong when I said Donovan would be ROY.

And yeah, yesterday Ayton said he and Booker would be the next Kobe and Shaq!!


See I thought Ben the whole second half of the season over Donovan for the same reason I think LeBron should be Mvp over harden

Sure Donovan scores a lot of points


Simmons is putting up Magic Johnson numbers all while having the best defensive rpm in the class

He plays both sides of the ball where as the Jazz are statistically the best defense in the NBA when Mitchel is on th bench

Simmons is already copping the lebrons. Expections for what should be a stand out year are rediculius.

Fact is this, Simmons only just missed out on being all Nba. He collected 37 total votes where as Mitchell got 1

That says it all really.


Numbers aside (which Ben wins in a canter)

Ben took a lottery team to the second round of the playoffs (which turns out in the backdrop of a messy organisation)

Donovan walked into a strong organization that has been a feature of playoffs for some time.



Classic Tall Poppy syndrome…there’s not much more he could have done and yet people still bag him for his lack of range with his shot.

All the talk about how Mitchell improved the Jazz is somewhat misleading.

The Jazz improved dramatically when Gobert came back from injury…before that, they were a lottery prospect.


Mitchell certainly made the Jazz relevant. Gobert was good, but he cannot carry that team and he certainly wasn’t the difference between them missing out on finals and almost clinching home court advantage in the first round.
Mitchell was a big reason why they improved from mid December to t the end of the regular season.

Regardless, I still think what Ben Simmons did this year was more unique. You could argue he ‘stat pads’ but I thought he beat out Mitchell as far as having a better season.


Read that Bosh thinks Lebron will go to Houston. You’d have to imagine he’d know what’s going on in the inner-circles.


The Rockets have been favourites all along.


Dubs killing it in game 4.


Great defense by GSW at the end of the first


Cavs are horrible on d.

Lou cannot coach


Never realized he was there to coach?


Morey will have to make a good package offer to someone like Brooklyn to take Anderson’s contract. CP3/Harden/Lebron/Capella would be crazy.


It’s going to take a great team to stop the Warriors from winning again next year. I don’t think the band will be broken up at all in terms of the Big 3, but it depends on the support cast still being there…


No it doesn’t.

Those four plus me and you on the bench wins the title.


Talk of Ariza interested in coming over.

West will retire. Young/Pachulia wont be re-signed.
Looney we stupidly renounced, so wont be able to afford him.

I hope we are able to keep JaVale, he’s very useful.

Hopefully this year they get the vet min/MLE signings right and dont load up on centres.


Can’t remember a team that the finals and is soooo bad on d