NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Has there been a more boring finals in recent memory?


For me this closes the James Jordan debate for a while

Can’t even defend your home court



Edit: Actually I remember the lakers/nets finals and that was pretty boring.


Swaggy P: NBA Champion.


As one of the few teams I don’t dislike I’m not upset at the Dubs winning. I actually don’t mind Curry and love KD


Bit hard when everyone else on your team couldn’t defend a grandma let alone an NBA player.

The fact that LeBron got this team to the finals is amazing.

Jordan would have went and played baseball mid-season.

Bron has played his last game in Cleveland though, everyone knows it.


No…Jordan won three consecutive titles and then went to play baseball…he didn’t leave mid season so your attempted comparison fails


As opposed to continually jumping ship to play in winning sides?




There’s plenty of good arguements to why Jordan is the goat, but you choose that one? Lol


What a thrilling series.




Surely it’s LeBroom?


I’ve switched over to the footy. Steph get finals mvp?




It’s weird. We’ve mostly seen Cavs/Lebron highlights in the post-match and all the discussion is about Lebron’s free-agency.

Seen about 20 seconds of locker room celebrations.


That sounds a lot more interesting.


Shows the level of interest even the media had in the series.


So the word is Lebron punched a blackboard and broke his hand after game 1.


Probably pretending it was Ken Mauer’s face.