NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Dubs apparently fishing for AD to join them.
I can’t see how it gets done TBH. But if it did, it would kill the NBA next year.


Stupid as it may seem, I reckon LeBron should seriously think of joining New Orleans in FA. He won’t, as it’s a small market team, etc, but if he was able to team up with AD and they kept Boogie, that trio would give the Warriors some serious problems. Get the right role players in and around them and they would be lit!


I could actually see the NBA stepping in and vetoing that trade.


I doubt anyone touches him with a 10 foot barge poll now.

It was well known that he was a lockeroom cancer before moving to NO which has quietened down a bit now but with him coming back from an achillies and him also most likely expecting a max deal…

Yeah… He is staying in NO for sure.


Part of that though was them acknowledging they’d have to part with Green and Thompson to get him.


wasnt the ‘source’ from a fake reporter on twitter?


Colangelos Mrs.


It would only be the second time I can think of it happening. Can anyone else think of another time other than when Chris Paul was stopped from joining the Lakers?


Pelicans might not offer him more than 2-3 years - a bit of talk he ends up in LA


Hopefully the Clippers.

Don’t want to touch him coming off that injury.


I think actually it is as stupid as it may seem

Look at the good bigs that LeBron has played with - Bosh, Love for starters. None of them have become better with him on the team.

He wants one guy that sets hard picks and rolls or pops. Someone who can switch up on D, rebound, and protect the ring. That’s why Varajeo and Thompson have been solid role players in his teams. The rest of the team need to be able to shoot to spread the defense.

He doesn’t want someone who dictates terms on the low or high block, because as soon as the paint is full he is limited in his ability to bulldoze smaller guards. He is 60-70% of the player without that.

It’s why Simmons is the prototype LeBron antidote… big guard who can go with him body on body and can switch into the big body when it rolls off the pick.


Someone who’ll defend would help!




kawhi wants out of spurs.


Preference is the Lakers. Yuck.




Get him in Green Danny!


Kawhi should go to Portland.


When I said “get him in Green”, you still have to do your due diligence on him. How’s that hip? What is the likelihood of him staying on when he is a FA in 2019? Back of my head says he will end up in LA eventually even if he gets traded elsewhere. We have a glut of picks to get something done, but if he had to give up a Jalen Brown for a guy with one one year left on his contract and a more than likely chance he’d sign with the Lakers in the 2019 Free Agency then I’d leave it alone.


Surely the only reason Kawhi’s preference is us is because the likes of George/LeBron/another All-Star is coming to us already.

Plus we’d get him his own signature shoe that he so desperately wants.

Still. George was hell bent on getting to us last off-season and the Pacers refused to trade him to us out of spite so I don’t see the Spurs just handing him over to us let alone to a Wester Conference rival, let alone to the Lakers of all teams.

It’s nice to have big names interested in joining us again though.