NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Yep, there is a hell of a lot of “know your place” in the NBA


Our Special Aussie Sixers Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast is now available. We have a great discussion with Andrew Porter from Sports Radio 94WIP in Philadelphia about Ben Simmons named ROY , Philly being similar to Melbourne & the bright future of the Sixers.


Gortat to the Clippers for Austin Rivers.


5 NBL sides heading to the US for pre season games


Melbourne United playing 76ers on the 28th September.


So this Kawhi to LA thing may actually happen, reports are Magic has basically gone, here is out roster, here are out futures, take what you like and give us Kawhi


I think I will try and get along to this. Any details on tix? Can’t see it selling out


Pretty much.

The Lakers will know that time is of the essence though and would preferably like it done before Free Agency starts in a couple of days and George and LeBron announce their decisions.

I think the pressure is on more so to land George right now.


Came across this on Twitter. Not sure how to post the actual video but reddit link takes you there.

Laker’s off season thus far



I wouldn’t think the details out yet.


Big euro guy giving the Aussies a hiding for Japan


Australia lost? ouch.


Played stupid Bball… not a lot of depth there, Delly looks like he is having a off season on the cans!


what does losing do to their qualification chance?


I think it’s ok, not certain… I don’t think Japan are doing that well anyway, which is a surprise as they have some good players


So the Suns are supposedly the big linking team that will enable the Lakers to get LeBron, George and Kawhi.

Cavs denied they were trading Love to us. Rumours that Ball will end up at Suns.


Nothing, already qualified


Media 2018/2019 narrative all season

Lamar vs Lebron

I think I just vomited a little


It’s on.

Ball is so gone


Apparently Lebron has told Cleveland he’s opting out of his contract.
This was to be expected regardless whether he chooses to move or not.