NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Yeah doesn’t sound like a massive surprise


Ben Simmons just posted KJ x FP on his Instagram. He hasn’t given up.




I am an amateur but think it is

King James and Fresh Prince


Allblacks meme reporting is too fresh for old man HAP.


Makes the move to the Rockets less likely as they would have preferred to do this via a trade.
Ups the chances for LA, 76ers and even for the Cavs to keep him.


DJ opts out of the Clippers. Which I think they are happy with.


Having just acquired Gortat they won’t be needing him. Apparently Magic has put every single asset the Lakers has on the trade table to land Kawhi. Big stakes game but he knows if he gets Kawhi, he also gets LeBron.


Ball vs Balls


Paul George staying at the thunder.


Chris Paul 4 year max Houston
Rudy gay 1 year 10 mill spurs
Deandre Jordan 1 year 24 mill Dallas
Aron baynes 2 years 12 mill Boston.


Ariza 1 year 15 mill at Suns @fogdog


Don’t mind that. Just a shame we’ve used all our spare coin on him.

Hopefully the first of a few changes.


Rose will stay at the Wolves.
Belinelli back to the Spurs, Rudy Gay re-signs as well.
Ilyasova to the Bucks for 3 years, $21 million
Jokic $148 million, 5 year deal to stay at Denver.


Everywhere Ersan goes he plays well and gets paid, but just keeps getting traded.


He does play well, but that’s big coin for a backup.


Not anymore…there are a lot of players out there now getting paid more than that who do less.



Lakers now apparently targeting LeBron, Kawhi and Boogie as their big 3.

Already turning into another let down of an off-season judging by the George re-signing with the MV-Me and CarmeLOL. How he thinks they are winning/contending anything is beyond me.


I don’t he this narrative, they got knocked out by a REALLY good Jazz team. They were without their best wing defender.

They sent terrible, and right now they are a shed load better than the Lakers

In a few days that might not be th case. But magic could still lay an egg

I found Phillys moves today really interesting

What moves??? Ahhh