NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


At the end of the day, when the game is on the line or the Thunder want a basket. The ball will be in Westbrook’s hands. PG will be a second fiddle at best in OKC.

Melo is just… So far cooked it is unbelievable and other than that… You telling me that Andre Roberson is getting OKC over the Jazz? The biggest play he has ever made was OFF the court.

But anyways.

What’s your feeling on Kawhi, does he get traded or do the Spurs draw it out and let him walk? Or do they move him somewhere else just out of spite like the Pacers last year?


The Spurs will trade him, it’s so done, and the moves they made today look like,they are setting up for the post Kawhi era.

I actually feel like Magic should have moved faster to get it done


We aren’t getting LeBron unless we have Kawhi IMO.

There is no way he is coming to us unless we get him another superstar, minimum.

I hope we get a deal done soon but my fear is we trade the farm for him and it leaves the cupboard bare in terms decent role players coming off the bench etc. Just like 2012/13 when we went and got Dwight and Nash to partner with Gasol and Kobe and it totally imploded because the only decent bench option we had was Jodie freakin Meeks.

But, he’d be worth it if we could get him and Boogie in along with LeBron but to say Boogie’s achillies is a concern is an understatement.


4 year deal at the Lakers for LeBron.
Hope they miss playoffs


Not quite! :slight_smile:


How long til Leonard is signed as well.

he wouldn’t go unless it’s a done deal. .


If it’s just LeBron and what they have currently, in the West that may well happen


We won 35 games last season with Ball being injured a lot, Brook Lopez pulling down 5 boards on a good night and KCP chucking bricks with a hand in his face every night.

It is massive that he has signed with us without having another superstar here for him already.

This is the biggest FA move in the history of the league.


You played better without Ball.



I watched all 82 games this season and we were fundamentally a far worse team without Ball on the court.

We literally created no offence what so ever and had the worst defensive player in the league in his place as a result.

People just have a vendetta against him. He is really talented, just hasn’t all come together for him, just like Ingram in his first year.


Look, he’s not terrible. But he’s not in the first 1/2 dozen rookies last year either.

Anyway, the Lebron announcement is official.


KCP signs a one year deal right after as well.

Wonder if a sign and trade with the Spurs is coming up?..


$12 million dollars? Who would do that?


Showtime is back


Might be trying to make salaries match up to try and offload Deng or move for Kawhi.

If not, it is a strange move as he is quite an average player.


Ball is a can.


The only thing better than watching LeBron lose to the Dubs in the Final would be watching him lose to them in the first round


Haters gonna hate.


Yep, I hate the Lakers


Good for the league, at least it wont be Warriors Cavs again next year,