NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


So Warriors v some other rubbish Eastern side?


The Celtics won’t be rubbish next season


yeh if everyones healthy, Celtics will be contenders.


I doubt the 76ers will be rubbish either.


Enough to get close to GSW?


Nope, last year showed KD went past Lebron, add another year to those weary legs

Aside from that curry, klay , green tear apart the rest of Lakers. Even with Leonard, hmm.

Anyway unless they move ball. The drama during the hear will be off the charts


In what world did KD go past lebron last year? Surely looking for a bite?


Lance Stephenson to the Lakers on a 1 year $4m deal.


Him and LaVar!
It’s going to be hilarious


Your right, can’t put my hand on it



People always seem to forget in the West that not only does the team in question need to improve but other teams have to drop out.

Remember mate 4 games separated 4th and 10th last season

For the 8th seed to open up for the Lakers several teams need to drop off


Doubt it’s directlu to the spurs, SG is one position the spurs are incredibly deep in



Lakers sign McGee as well.

Getting some great depth in Stephenson and McGee.

Need another big name or two though and to shift a few out.


You think that makes KD go past LBJ?

Fk me


McGee is a loss for the Warriors. Gave them something others couldnt/didnt.


Damn right. Exact same time Patrick McCaw moved past LBJ


Legit, I have no idea what the lakers are doing


Sign everyone!


Anyone who honestly thinks KD has surpassed Lebron has never watched a game of basketball.