NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Exum staying with jazz. 3 years 33 mill.


Sort of all irrelevant who signs where now. Evans to Indiana, Bradley to Clippers, Green to Wizards, Chandler to 76ers, Carter-Williams to Rockets.

Meh. Waste of time even playing the season.


The only team that could beat the Dubs would be the Phillipines national team, and it would have to be in the literal sense!



Another good article

No one even offered Cousins a contract because they were worried about his achilles or his attitude.

Obviously i’m stoked with the signing, it’s a boom or bust. But other teams could have signed him if they wanted to, but didnt. We were able to take the risk that no one else wanted.


In fairness it was still pretty early days.
Plenty more could have played out.


Seems to be some noise that Butler wants out of the T-Wolves. He can opt-out after this season, there may be an incentive to trade him out while he has some value. Can imagine that the Spurs, LA, Celtics and 76ers will be queuing up for that one!


From Stein’s report in the NYT:
Word also reached us Monday night that LeBron’s Lakers, after signing Rajon Rondo away from New Orleans and then losing Randle to the Pelicans, had an opportunity to sign Cousins at a one-year price point similar to the one that landed him in Golden State. But I’m told the Lakers passed, clearing the way for the Warriors to infuriate the basketball public yet again.

If this is true, then this seems like a mighty balls up. Or that Lebron doesn’t want him in the team?


Yep, it’s like a liberal government, it’s not surprising they smash every one, but the real blame for it isn’t them, it’s everyone else for letting it happen.


A week ago you didn’t want the freaking 35 win Lakers to take him, and now he’s a great signing.


I don’t think anyone envisaged that a starting all star from last year could be signed for a mid level exception.

If the Lakers could have had him for that, then that was a bad decision.
I doubt Boogie would have gone to any team for the mid level exception.


exactly, i’m sure he would of gladly signed for my beloved bulls for the mle.


another good read



For the Warriors and for that price, it is a great signing.


I only got the first four words of the title and thought “Nah I still do” hahahahahahah



Bjelica to the 76ers - 1 year.


Bogut saying another aussie is going to be in the NBA.

Have to assume it’s going to be broekhoff.


Would have though it was Jonah Bolden.
Jock Lansdale isn’t with an outside chance.