NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Suns have a guy from Illawarra on our Summer League roster… I’ve never heard of him but we do need another point guard…



Do it


Ryan Broekhoff signed a 2 year deal with the Mavs

Bogut is good friends with Cuban so I’m not surprised the mavs pulled the trigger.

Totally deserves it, been an NBA caliber player for 3 years



Blazers going no where anyway so might as well. TOo much on the payroll and not enough good players to be real competitive, they have to move either him or Mccollum.


The price would seem too high. Can’t see the Lakers parting Kuzma; and Lonzo won’t get it done you wouldn’t think.


Yeh but Lillard is coming off All-Nba first team, even though he played like me in the backyard during the playoffs.

If Lebron says to move Kuzma and Ball, it’ll happen.


No doubt.


Wait what? So the Lakers will part with Lonzo and Kuzma for Lillard but won’t for Kawhi Leonard?


Playing hardball IMO. Why would you pay full price for someone who missed 73 games last season and is a Free Agent at the end of 2019? If they can get this trade done for Dame and get Kawhi via FA in 2019, with LeBron and a good supporting cast they are a legit team.


I think they would, but Spurs don’t want Lonzo, and want Ingram.


Poor LeBron. Shock move to Lakers isn’t even the biggest transfer of the week.




Last I read, Spurs want two first round picks, Kuzma and Ingram.
Lakers in no rush to have him this year.

If he sits out all year, Lakers could get him for the mid year exception (like Boogie) and get another star as well.
Lilliard, Lebron, Kawhi, KAT to go along with Kuzma, Ingram, etc. would be a team that will challenge the Warriors.


No way he signs for the MLE next year.

He’s an idiot but he is not stupid. No one turns down the largest supermax figure in franchise history to sign for an MLE.

Kawhi will want to be traded coz as it stands he loses 81 million by going to the Lakers as a UFA


He may not. Would San Antonio offer the max contract if he has only played a handful of games in two seasons?

Even still, it’s clear San Antonio are in no rush to trade him.

Their best chance screw the Lakers over was before Lebron said he’s going there. The consensus was that Lebron wouldn’t go there until another star was signed.

The talks with Philadelphia were trying to get either Embiid or Simmons plus two first round picks. They should already know they’re not getting that.

If Portland are interested in trading, there is no reason why the Lakers shouldn’t be putting reasonable offers on the table.


Agree with all that tbh


The latest odds have the Sixers as favourites to land Kawhi.
Kawhi Leonard’s team at start of 2018-19 Reg Season
@sixers +200
@celtics +300
@Lakers +500
@Clippers +800
@Spurs +1000
@Magic +2000

For those not used to US odds it means if you wager 100 on the Sixers you get 200 back. Or even money in our speak.


Tony Parker signs with the Hornets.


Jackson, Ayton and Bridges all playing summer league.