NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Melo and OKC to part ways.


That’s a good thing…he was never a good fit there


Aus v Canada in FIBA U17 World Cup on Fox501 for those playing at home.


Awesome, thanks for the reminder, Wigness watch


Zach Levine signed a 4 year, $80M offer sheet with the Kings. Bulls matched…


Seriously after watching MELO last season who the hell would chase him.

Which team has a scouting report requirement of
‘We need a 34 year who plays zero defence barely rebounds and shoots 4/16 while still jacking up shots all game’


The only thing is if a “salary dump” trade can be done and that team that takes Melo and his $26M gets draft picks, etc as well. OKCs owner will gladly ship him off for that reason, apparently when luxury tax is factored into it his contract will cost them $100M. A contending team would have no use for a declining player who as you say plays no D and his now inefficient from the field.


A great summary of how Melo’s contract could impact OKC this season and the ensuing years. For a reasonably small market team, the implications could be massive. They need to find a destination for him and get his pay off the books, or as explained, stretch his deal out over multiple seasons.


Some guy scored 40 for Philly
Fair effort for summer league.


What’s the go with this summer league?

Seems to be all the NBA teams. I struggle to understand how this can be more popular than the middle of a real baseball season.

ESPN showing summer basketball and World Series of Poker instead of MLB Strike Zone.


It’s their pre-season.

The first week or so has a good bit of buzz, with the newbies. After that no-one really cares.


Didn’t the season finish only two or three weeks ago?

And these are practice matches…not running around Princes Park and up sand dunes at Portsea.


About a month ago? Season proper runs from October ish.

Their pre season comp I should’ve said. Like the Wizard home loans cup.


Their Wizard Home Loans Cup begins later on.

This is something completely different. Only new rookies and some 2nd year players play this comp.
I never knew of its existence until Ben Simmons was playing in it.


Turkish guy they drafted in 2016 (first round) and stashed in the Euroleague.
Jonah Bolden didn’t play.


I guess that is going to make up for some scoring they lost in free agency




It’s like NBA nab cup, but it’s pretty much exclusively 1st to 3rd year players and hopefully

It’s super popular I think because it’s half way between collage and Nba


He did, they just ■■■■■■ up the box score becaus he wore 36 instead of 43


Thanks. They’ve fixed it now. 6 points (2/6 shooting), 6 rebounds in 23 minutes.