NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Tatum’s with the big ■■■■ bucket at the end of the game was fifty shades of Kobe.


Not all that bad. Ayton got into foul trouble early and it showed how much he’s part of our future when he was off.

Crawford barely got a look so he will only get better and Ariza had another quiet second half.

We will definitely win more games than last season.


I didn’t see it, box scores looked bad!!
Bridges will really help if he can stay st that level!


Jokic first person since Wilt to get a triple double whilst going perfect


Ingram suspended for 4 games, Rondo for 3 and CP3 for 2.



seems light.


No idea how Paul got the least when he instigated it all.


Rondo spat at him. The league’s call was that he initiated it, CP3 retaliated and Ingram escalated it. I think that’s fair. All 3 should be pretty happy with the leniency of their punishments.

Also, following the ups and downs of the Lakers season in this thread is going to be great.


Is there any evidence of Rondo spitting on him?


Yes, no question.
Watch the video in the ringer piece. Dog act.


Watched most of the Mavs game from the other night and Doncic looks like the real deal - just seems to have that intangible ‘winner’s’ character. Mavs have got an absolute ripper here


Lakers came back from nowhere to tie it up.

Lebron with a huge 3.


DeRozen forced too much


Wow. Lebron missed 2 FTs.

Spurs ball 1 down, 11 seconds.


Can’t believe nobody’s wanted Warren. He’s close to the best no.6 this season.


Patty mills nails the go-ahead bucket.
7 seconds.


Great game.



KCP was still atrocious.
He may be starting, but his minutes have reduced.

Lakers defence is bad. No way you get past the first round of playoffs (if we even get there) with such an offensive mindset.

As much as the pace of the game is sped up during regular season, it’ll always slow down in playoffs. Teams will have no choice but to execute in the half court.


I couldn’t ever really work out why @fogdog was so set against him. He looked ■■■■■■ good to me