NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


See I’m getting kids 16-17 who are 6-6 to -6-8 who can hit a step back but don’t have any footwork and have nice cross overs, but can’t do a drop step or know now to pivot in the post. I coach at the state league level, and it’s a problem. I saw it when I was coaching in the Waratah league in NSW, and it’s the same in the QBL

It’s a damn shame


Low post game is dying in the NBA.

Check out the shot chart from the Jazz against the Dubs a week ago.



Warriors with a much more active midrange game than the jazz.


Spurs had the highest rating in post up frequency last year at 12% (LaMarcus would have been the majority here)

It’s just not the game anymore


Things change.

Here’s Tom with the weather.


I know that, I just don’t find jacking 3’s as interesting as post play.

But I grew up watching Duncan and Robinson, and to a lesser extent Olajuwon.

It’s why Embiid is my favourite player to watch in the nba right now.

It’s not the game right now, but hypothetically if the 6ers where to win a title with their 2 best players doing their best work 10 feet from the basket, it could be the game again.



The good players always find a way, no matter the current style

Everyone copies the great players

EDIT: surely GWS pass and 3 is better than mid-00s Kobe/Iverson ISO stuff?? That was predictable and boring, to me anyway.


That’s pretty much it. Most elite level sport is a copycat game. If a team wins using a particular style, other teams will try and replicate it. I’m really liking the ball movement of teams right now. The Lakers don’t have great shooting but they have some guys who can pass the ball. LeBron, Lonzo, Rondo. Lance Stephenson has been ballin’ in their past 2 games. Nikola Jokic played a terrific game today. He mixed up some great post play with shooting, he can facilitate as well and hit the open man. He’s not a great athlete but he has great basketball IQ and can get it done multiple ways. Seeing the return to form of Blake Griffin who is more than just a dunk artist these days. He can shoot, play the post. Him and Drummond are a good front court combo in Detroit…


Detroit actually have a good coach now. Surprise, they are starting to play pretty damn well.


LeBron with his first trip-dub in a Lakers uniform and we get the W over the undefeated Nuggets.

Lonzo getting better with every minute he is on the court.


Yeah, Lonzo is playing well, might be hard to start Rondo when he comes back


They’ve played their best basketball without him.


It’s a good situation for us to be in.

Means we’ll have a reliable ball handler and distributor on offence at all times.

Except Lonzo looks as though he has found his shot so far this season and at the very least, make defenders respect him and not sag off, knowing that he will more than likely struggle to graze the rim.


Lillard is becoming one of my favourite players to watch

Not sure what it is, just goes about his business and is a legit star

Criminally underrated


Criminally doesn’t play defence.


still a joy to watch


Didn’t take long.


KD put on a 2nd half show


Knicks up 10 late in the 3rd and end of losing by 28 to the Warriors.

They seriously just mess around and can turn it on and it’s lights out for any team.


Bucks, Raptors and Pelicans having a really great start to the season.

Might be Raptors vs Celtics in the ECF this year if Philly don’t get it together.