NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Not quite a starter, but he wouldn’t be the worst backup. He’s 28, hardly cooked.


Dwyane wade put up big


He isn’t playing ahead of White, Walker, DeJounte, Patty or Forbes.

Delly is a legend, but I don’t think he has the skillset for the NBA.


All at Phoenix!


Ben Simmons wants to play in the Red And Black. Can we make him a catB Rookie, Please.


DJ is injured, he would be the off the bench PG, Patty and Bryn are actually both SG these days


I’m sure Philadelphia would gladly let their $6.5mil asset play for us during the US summer…

I think one of the lesser know young Euro players tried to play in his local comp in the off season without their team knowing about it. He’s been told what he can and can’t do during the off season.


Tye Lue sacked

Bit harsh, only had 6 games as head coach.


Hahaha. Very true.


Simmons assist to Bolden. @benfti special.


GSW going ham. Klay 10 threes.



Klay with 14 treys and 52 points, and sat the entire 4th!


Thon got a good run today!


Lakers lose to a team even more pathetic than them in the Wolves, simply because EVERY SINGLE PLAYER REFUSES TO PLAY DEFENCE.



Golden state are just wrong. Klay has done very little this season and quite poor shooting and then this game BOOM!!!

They have too many offensive weapons and match winners to contain.



My sentiments exactly, 24 threes is ridiculous


And made like 60% of them.

So not sure why you have an issue with the volume.


It’s just ■■■■■■■ insane that a bloke can jack up 24 treys in 27 minutes

Even more insane that he made most of them

I love that they sat him for the 4Q. This team has no interest in individual records, they play for each other and celebrate each other’s achievements

I’d love to play on that squad, you can see why KD and Boogie wanted in


Yep. It’s an easy path to rings, just ride on the coattails of an already great team…