NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


I don’t want to lose any of:


I wouldn’t be shattered to lose Okobo, Melton, Bender, Daniels, Anderson, Crawford, Evens or King but I doubt anyone would want them.


Actually I could survive losing Warren.


Only contenders will want Warren and not teams looking to sign free agents, due to the cap room…
I swing wildly on Jackson, between him being a gun and a bust…
I would give up this years pick (top 1 protected) to get Ball, he would make a massive difference for Ayton and Booker.


AD’s dad went hard at boston


AD’s Dad is angling real hard at getting Davis to Lakers that’s why.

So its ok for Lakers to trade a core group of kids to bring in Davis who is ok to demand to be traded while still in contract? Pot meet Kettle.

Yes it’s not great what Boston did. But in the end there is no loyalty in the NBA nowadays.


Lakers first offer to the Pelicans for Anthony Davis, LA offered Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, Rajon Rondo, Michael Beasley and a first-round pick

  • WOJ tweet

Lmfao Lakers… not even worth entertaining


The Lakers are going to have to offer Ball, Kuzma, Hart, and Ingram to get this done I reckon


Bit of noise about Lakers swapping Ball for Warren and a pick and packaging that up with Kuzma and others for Davis.


Ball, Kuzma, Ingram, Zubac + draft picks should have been the first offer. Then add in Hart. I don’t even think that’s enough because Boston can give so much more. So a third team will need to be involved.

But that first offer is because the Pelicans weren’t taking any trade calls from anyone. They were hoping that the Knicks would be involved, but they missed that boat.
They now know that he Celtics won’t trade for AD unless they’re sure he will sign on with Boston.


As long as there is protection on that pick I’m happy…
Only needs to be top 1 protected this year.


I’m confident I’m never going to understand NBA trading, or the mentality around it.


Missing Redick in the clutch


Jimmy Buckets with 15 points in the quarter.


2x 4pt plays, wonder what the record is


No loyalty shown to a guy who would only sign if he got a max deal? Tell me any GM worth his salt that would give a 5ft 9in PG who plays zero defence and is/was hurt the max? I liked IT4 and wish him no ill, but it ■■■■■■ me off everyone bagging Ainge and Boston about not being loyal to him…


Agree Smooth, Ainge orchestrated the trade perfectly. Knew what he had with IT and saw their ceiling with him running the PG. Got rid of him cause he has huge limitations and has barely played since he was traded. Anyone with half a brain should be able to see how justified the Celtics were in getting rid of him. The other personal issues IT was going through are sad, but neither here nor there, it’s irrelevant to his situation in Boston. If Celtics are serious about trading their future for AD, then it’s obvious they’re committed to him. No team has an obligation to a player, people are paid their worth. IT has done ■■■■■■■ well with all his limitations, but you can’t knock the organisation for dealing him.


The Kyrie and IT trade shouldn’t be a black mark against the Celtics or Ainge. Anyone in their right mind would make that trade for Kyrie.

If anything, it shows how poorly organised Cleveland were. They rushed the trade and really should have played Kyrie’s bluff and kept looking for better offers. The on-trades to the Lakers was just as poor. Taking on bad contracts to open up the chances of LA to hit the free agent market.


To make the salary cap work, they need to trade one of KCP, Rondo or Lance Stephenson. LA has to put its best on the table quickly to convince New Orleans to deal before Feb 7 and not wait for Boston come July 1. The media, Rich Paul and AD’s Dad can say what they like. As per Paul George and Kawhi Leonard, he will get traded to whoever offers the best deal to the Pelicans. Both those guys got traded to destinations that were not preferred to them. George liked OKC so much he decided to stay and turned his back on the Lakers in FA. Who is to say that Boston or whoever else might trade for AD couldn’t do the same? Talk of a locker room altercation between Walton and some of the older Laker players (Lance, McGee) after their loss in Oakland. LAL is a franchise under pressure. Players not named LeBron don’t know if they’ll be traded in the next week, they’ve slipped outside the playoff spots, Walton is under intense scrutiny to keep his job.


Lots of chat doing the rounds that Ball has been told he’s going to the Suns as part of the Davis deal to Lakers.


Sounds good to me.

Lebron, the Brow, Melo and hopefully Rondo is a good group for this season. Add in a few more waivers like Philadelphia did with Illyasova and Bellinelli and they just might make it to the Western Conference Finals.