NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


It amazes me that people continue to have this level of confidence in the Knicks management team. If they can pull off either of the above scenarios it would be a miracle.


Snoop Dogg with a meltdown Nino would be proud of :rofl:

Selling his booth for $5


I’m glad someone else wants Walton gone as much as I do :joy:


I thought you might like it :joy:


Another absolute belting for the Mavs looks like they in full tank mode and rolling the dice for a top 5 lottery pick


Bucks are our bunnies.


Is #4 for the Lakers some guy from the crowd that won a prize to be on the roster?


Caruso is useless.

Did you just see him foul a bloke when we are over the foul limit, 90 feet away from the basket?

Shouldn’t even be on our G-League roster let alone playing at Staples.

LeBron will have to pass MJ on the scoring list tonight for us to even stay within 10 of these guys.

We are embarrassing on defence as per usual.


And just like that the team totally implodes down the stretch and totally gives up.

This team is pathetic to watch.

They wouldn’t beat an NBL team with this effort.


Redick with 5 3’s halfway through the second quarter. Philly up by 7.
Need the Magic and Hornets to keep losing so hopefully we can see D Wade in the playoffs one last time!


As a longstanding Knicks fan I am 110% sure the Knicks management will cluster ■■■■ it.


If Celtics play like they’re right now in the playoffs.

Look the fark out.


He does act like a snotty nosed little punk kid, was a ■■■■ call, but he needs to pull his head in, constantly see him acting like a ■■■■■■■■


Very VERY surprising result in what is the strangest Celtics season I can remember. Can this be a turning point? Who knows, we’ll probably lose to a lottery team at home next week…


Bogut signed with Golden State. Personally players, even if free agents, shouldn’t be signed at this point of the season. Just go with what you’ve got from the trade deadline onwards.


Players signed at this time of the year aren’t going to be difference makers. Will probably only get up to 15 mins a game.


hahaha. 15 minutes.

Lucky to 5.

May not even play.


christ Philly can play some dumb ■■■■


LeBron passes MJ to move to #4 on the all-time scoring list. Only player in history to be top 10 in both points and assists. Should get Kobrick at some point next season. If he sees out his contract and averages about 20ppg he should get Karl Malone but Kareem might be a bridge too far…


Staggering when you consider Kareem did 3 years of Collage