NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Smart seems to have fired up Embiid


Great finish to the game. Simmons with a clutch bucket and Jimmy Butler was awesome down the stretch!

They needed to know they can beat them before the playoffs.


43 FTs to 17

No Smart, Hayward, Baynes

At home

THATs what it took to beat the Celtics.


Cavs beat Bucks


No Giannis or Mirotic


Nice finish to the game


Whatever it takes.


Hope Miami can hang on here against San Antonio! So close between the Heat and Magic for the 8th spot in the east. Would love to see D Wade in the playoffs one more time.


harden such a freak


57 didn’t get it done though, still got beaten by the Grizz…


Miami indeed do win.
Spurs bench outscored the starters by some margin today.


People suddenly started underrating Butler when he went to the sixers because of the ■■■■ that went down in his last trade but those who watched him at chicago know he’s been playing possum at the sixers and has always had the ability to take a game from the opposition in the 4th

one of the best clutch players in the league


Assuming this is meant to say TWolves.

Definitely wasn’t a good fit for him there. He was a superstar @ Chicago.


Boston blew an 18 point lead with 8 minutes to play against Charlotte. Lost by 7.
No Horford, Baynes or Hayward - shocking loss from there though.
Only 5 points in the last 8 minutes


Is it just me or does anyone else think the eastern conference is now as competitive as the western conference?

For years the east was considered really weak, but now you have the bucks, raptors, sixers, pacers and boston. Who are all developing strong teams.

Think this will be the year where it is very up in the air in who will make it through the east.

Still think GSW will win the west and ultimately win the title again.


Lol warriors getting smoked by a team that’s tanking for a lottery pick


lol 76ers.


2 turnovers from Embiid almost cost Philly the game, but Jimmy Buckets came to the rescue down the stretch with some clutch free throws (13/13 from the line). But all for nothing as Young drains a teardrop with 0.1 secs to go.

Sixers go down 129 to 127.

If the Sixers want to be a champion team, they can’t be losing to teams like the Hawks.


Wow philly can really go peak essington in the 4th qtr

Could see it with 5 minutes to go, players just look disinterested and then throw the game away

That last play with Ennis and Butler, the other philly players didn’t move a single inch to create space for Butler, they all just sat there waiting for the turnover/miss

And JJ just letting Trae take an easy 3

■■■■■■■ nowhere near playoff standard


I do not in any way disagree with this statement (I really don’t think the 76ers are ready yet).

However, just to keep things in perspective, ALL of the contending teams have dropped games to lottery bound teams throughout the season.