NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!



Madness how much air he gave that shot


I’m all in on the Taco Fall bandwagon, he’s hilarious


Simmons sick in the guts after watching the Essington performance.


76ers really struggling without Ben Simmons today.


A real opportunity lost by the club after Ben put his tweet out last week. We would of had a lot of new eyes on us and we stank it up real bad.


Magic need to stop winning!


Wow 76ers are so essington

Can blow away the top teams, but every few games just decide to play retard cowardball

People underestimate how good Ben is on defense as well as offense. Is almost 50/50 with Embiid as their most important player due to Ben’s ability to guard the perimeter and the play making he can open up the basket with when he has the ball


Nurkic broke his leg, by the looks of it. Horrible.
(don’t watch if you get an easily upset stomach)


Oh god!!! That is worse than Haywards last year. You can actually hear it!!! Sickening


Horrific. I actually feel physically sick watching that…


Booker with back to back 50 point games and lost both!


Timmy in his Sunday best for Manu’s jersey retirement.



Steph just hit his 11th 3 to tie the game in overtime.


But then Durant grabs Towns with 0.5 remaining on the pass.



Jonah Bolden totally lighting it up.


76ers shooting the lights out in the first 1/4 without Embiid

8/14 3 pointers


Boomers have a new 3 point threat… Bolden


The plot thickens


Twolves got it close , but Bolden got the block (his 3rd) and the sank the 3 point dagger.
With the Celtics and Pacers losing today, sixers have 3rd wrapped up pretty-much.


Bolden highlights in random order.