NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Something going on there. Hope it works out for the Laker’s, this off season.


Very interesting words from Magic. Said he wanted to be “on the other side” in terms of being a “big brother” and “mentor” to people, cited the example of not being able to work with Ben Simmons because it was looked at as “tampering”. He also said that “tomorrow he would have to affect someone’s livelihood” and that’s not something he wants to do. I assume that he’s referring to firing Walton?




Party time for Dwayne Wade in his last home game for the Heat…

Helps that Sixers are disinterested, with playoffs locked in (vs Nets or Magic)


It’s well known that Buss is a big fan of Walton. Does he stay? If LeBron has anything to do with it he won’t be there. Personally I don’t think Magic was that good of a GM/President of Basketball Operations, but when he walks away like this it can’t be good for attracting big name Free Agents?


Nah, they’re all being fired. Magic doesn’t want to do it, so he’s walked first.



He looks very happy and relieved to be getting out of there!


Lebron sold a lemon

Does he angle for a trade himself.


The problem with Magic is that he didn’t put in the time that was required for the role and has been criticised for it.

He was the driving force in the Lakers getting LeBron but he was also the one responsible for having us charged with tampering twice and totally screwing up the PG, Kawhi and AD trades.

Let’s just hope the next person is more dedicated than Magic and less moronic than Kupchak.

If I am the Lakers then I am focusing on getting one more all-star through free agency and keeping all the kids and building from there.

I would also still be firing Luke Walton (no brainer) and getting rid of most of the back room staff.


Magic is not the hard man so he was in a job that wasn’t in his nature, no problem with that. He got Le Bron so that is a win. I think he can be such an important person as a mentor where he can probably be more influential on individual’s careers.

Magic was not the hard man as a coach, (probably a large reason for why his coaching was unsuccessful reminds me of my other favourite #32 wearer) Magic was a great team man and popular with his peers and opponents.

Totally get the dislike of being the bad guy when he was not and the hysteria about him tampering is understandable (in some very small way) but ridiculous.

Interesting when talking about Walton, said he was a good man etc, don’t think there was any mention of him being no good as a coach, so that was interesting to me.

I wonder who will be next in the hot seat?


In terms of the play-offs, Detroit’s win against Memphis eliminates Miami due to the fact that they have the series tie-breaker advantage over them. The Hornets own the tie-breaker over the Pistons and also the Heat, so they’ll need to win their final game against Orlando and hope that Detroit drops their final game against the Knicks to leapfrog them into 8th and a first round match-up against top-seeded Milwaukee. 6th and 7th are still up for grabs between Orlando and Brooklyn.


I hope Magic never tries to help out the Lakers again. He just can’t finish the job.

He returned to help coach the Lakers in the early 90s. He knew he wasn’t suited for it, but he helped anyway. He was gone by the next season.

He returned as a player to help the young Lakers in the mid 90s and helped them make the playoffs but he wanted to play more point guard even though he was more suited to power forward. He retired promptly.

I thought he came back to the Lakers during the Kobe / Gasol years but maybe it wasn’t with an official job title.

He’s now leaving because he can’t make life changing decisions? What did he think the job entailed? He knew he’d have to trade some youngsters, sack a coach and maybe even sack Pulinka if things went badly.

He obviously loves the Lakers but he needs to realise that it is someone else’s job to repair this team.


Lebron really is a coach killer, insert Ty?

I thought going back a couple of seasons, they were building a nice young team.

Look at Russell at the Nets, developed into a really nice leader and team player - even Randell, Nance Jr


Marcus Smart out 4-6 weeks with a torn oblique.


I really liked Russell. I thought he’d be the best pick of his draft, but I think KAT has him beaten.
Randall isn’t too big a mistake as I’m assuming he wouldn’t accept the same money he ended up getting at New Orleans.
I liked Larry Nance Jnr but don’t think he’d be anything more than a bench role player.
I would have preferred to hang on to Brook Lopez and let CCP go but I’m not sure if the salaries matched.

We went for the big swing through free agency and have come up short so far.


Budweiser’s Dwyane Wade commercial…well worth the watch


Brilliant! I think I have something in my eye…


How can the Kings sack their coach?
He won’t be unemployed for long!