NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Because the Kings.

Best season since 04-05

Time to put everything in the bin!


Thanks for sharing. That is just fantastic and really inspiring.


Hmmm. Reports are that Walton would be top of the Kings hitlist for the job should he be vacated from the Lakers. If I was Luke I’d rather coach the Kings anyway. Young upcoming roster, no big egos who want to control everything, no franchise player who doesn’t respect you and wants you out of the job, a GM who isn’t completely incompetent. Imagine if Walton walks away, reject the Lakers for the freakin’ Kings. That would show how far the mighty have fallen.


He has a contract with LA.
But if he wanted to go, a good GM would try and swindle a trade and hopefully get something that may help entice New Orleans to trade AD this summer.


Hard to watch.


He got traded, it’s not as if he found out he had a terminal illness. Harden up!


Have you seen a comparison between Chicago and NYC housing prices though? I’d tear up even if I was a millionaire too


I’m sure every Carlton draftee goes through the same emotions.


Walton and LAL part ways by mutual consent. Adrian Wojnarowski reporting that Tyronn Lue (not surprisingly) and Monty Williams frontrunners for the vacancy. You’d think with that Walton will head to Sacramento…


Good riddance.

Should be coaching some under 16’s div 2 side.


Pelinka has been told to chase Kawhi hard.

I think we’ll end up with Kemba Walker. In an odd way, I think he’ll fit in okay with Lebron and Kuzma.
I wouldn’t mind Stan Van Gundy but doubt he’d be ‘too honest’ with the Lakers management and he’d probably drive Lebron crazy. It’ll be Ty Lue or Mark Jackson.
I don’t think Monty Williams is the right fit.


I highly doubt we get Kawhi.

Pelinka will struggle to attract anyone and am surprised he hasn’t been shown the door either.

If we get someone like Kemba, what does that mean for Lonzo? They’d have to have another trade in the works to form a big 3.


Sixers looking very ordinary in Game 1 v Brooklyn. Embiid playing on limited minutes, Ben just 3 points (1/6 FG, 1/4 FT) and 2 assists getting near the end of the 3rd.


The ‘big 4’ looking more like a big 1 1/2.
Simmons and Harris have been terrible and Reddick with 2 points in the first 3 quarters.
Thank God for Butler


This is not a good matchup for the Sixers, but 4 from Harris, 5 from Simmons and Reddick and 3 from Scott off 27 minutes.
I guess it can’t get any worse than that.

It’s a bit deflating after yesterday’s win.


This might be the kick in the ■■■ Ben needs to develop his game over the summer.


Magic beat the raptors too.


Good start so far for the higher seeds…


If he ends up alongside LeBron in Space Jam 2 rather than working on his game, he will be getting some serious heat…