NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Watched the game during lunch break until half time. Thought we (clippers) were headed for a record playoff loss.

We have fight.


Old Montrez Harrell is gonna get PAID.


That was a great game of Bball

Man philly can play one qtr at their best and win

You gotta love Boban, I don’t know why the Nets just left him open again and again but he just kept drilling em

It’s true, if Simmons can ever learn even a mid range shot Philly could be a threat for years to come

76ers took that game easy with Jimmy Buckets and Harris quiet, either of them get going they should win the next three.

Clippers - Golden state unbelievable game, Clippers just somehow get it done. Also Klay is a liability on defense.


I’m loving what Patrick Beverley is doing to Durant. Just annoying the ■■■■ out of him. Hopefully a few more ejections for the MSOAT in this series.


Cousins confirmed torn quad.


Raptops blowing out the Magic in Game 2, Kawhi with 37 so far. Close one between San Antonio and Denver. A Spurs win here put the Nuggets in a 0-2 hole in the series. I did think that Denver were vulnerable for an upset result…


OKC looking very ordinary, Russ 14/8/11 5/20 shooting (1/6 3PT).


Nuggets with a big 4th to top the Spurs.


Hopefully Simmons can now work with Magic.

Simmons with a sky hook!


Blazers doing things quite comfortably. Backcourt is on fire.


Game 2 in Boston a tight affair, Celts up 2 at the half. Kyrie has been ridiculous, 18 pts (8/12 FG) 5 assists. I’ve resigned to the fact that he won’t be coming back to Boston, but anyone saying we will be better off without him is utterly mad. Such a talent.


Carn the Celtics!


I wouldn’t. If we can get Davis, bet my last dollar on him staying. Hayward being inconsistent on his comeback (as he should as it was that horrific) hasn’t helped. Its the likes of Brown and Tatum who are down on last year.


Celtics have one of their “offence goes AWOL” quarters, Pacers up 11 after 3. WOuld be completely ■■■■■■ without Kyrie.

PS: KD and Kyrie will team up with the Knicks. Book it.


Kyrie is MONEY!! Cs hit the lead off back-to-back treys from #11. Defence has been epic in the last.


What a tight comeback. If it wasn’t for Bogdanovich Pacers would have been blown apart.


In the books, Boston win 99-91, Kyrie 37 (6/10 3PT), Tatum and Brown great down the stretch.


Is it just me or are the playoffs this year not even remotely interesting with so many blowouts and no Lebron?


its first round, it always feels a little rudimentary right now.


West is interesting… despite the Clippers sneaking a win it still seems only the Spurs-Nuggets series is truly up for grabs. Unless the Thunder can really turn it around.

Second round should be really good, Warriors-Rockets and Blazers-Spurs/Nuggets. The conference finals shape as a blowout regardless of which teams make it through though.