NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


I’d deal him out. He only has 1 year left on his contract. I’m not keeping him when he could walk in 12 months time for nothing. He did everything but burn his bridges at New Orleans. He effectively threw away a year of his career in his prime by what happened at the trade deadline. For me the Lakers are now in a prime position to trade for AD. You got Pick 4, which will still end up being a great player, plus a mix of Kuzma, Ingram, Ball and future picks. Now that Dell Demps is gone as GM at NO I don’t think there is a blatant refuse to trade with LA stance any longer. They have Pick 1, and if they can get a warchest back for AD they are in a very sweet position to fully kickstart a rebuild.


Get the #3 pick from the Knicks for AD and pair the two Dookies Zion & Barrett back together (if Ja Morant isn’t picked at #2)


Seven turnovers and only down four, not a bad result.



Ben announced on twitter





Being torn apart by the great JONAS JEREBKO


Exactly. Take Kuzma, Ingram and pick #4. Draft Zion and RJ Barrett to keep the Duke connection.

Core of Holiday, Barrett, Ingram, Zion, Kuzma, Randle, Moore, Miller, Okafor looks really promising. That’s a 30-35 win team right there


Wonder if anyone at Portland might try and guard Curry at three point line?


It’s pretty apparent that this series won’t last longer than 5 games. Warriors simply have too many weapons, and Durant isn’t even playing.


This can’t be happening, I was led to believe that Steph was cooked :rofl:



Not gonna get it done.


Bogut going at 100% FG this series, nice


Should have been a 30+ point loss, can’t turn the ball over like that and expect to compete. Everyone looked nervous as, played like it, shot like it, defended like it.

Hopefully better for the run.


Pelicans will get half of AD’s trade value now.

They would get 1-2 of Ingram, Ball, Kuzma, Pick 4 at best.

They lost their leverage when they didn’t take ALL of the young core when it was offered to them.

I personally think AD will stay now and then leave in FA next off-season.


He won’t have a say in it. If I’m the Pelicans there is no way I’m keeping AD on the off chance he likes playing with Zion and wants to stay. LA will cough up. Why? Because the clock is ticking on LeBron. He needs help, they now have Pick 4 after only being a 2% chance of landing the 1st Pick. That pick will be burning a hole in Pelinka’s pocket he will want to get rid of it so bad. The Knicks will also be desperate to try and get AD to pair him with KD and another FA. Boston also have enough to get a deal done, although getting this year’s Kings pickwasn’t ideal, however they do get an unprotected pick off Memphis next year which should be a decent lottery pick. The Knicks also have the flexibility knowing that #3 will land either one of RJ Barrett or Ja Morant, who would fit nicely alongside the signing NYK make. The Lakers don’t have that luxury. They will struggle to land a big name FA so a trade for a superstar like AD is a must.


Wonder if Suns can get involved with that one.
Say Ball to Suns
Ingram and pick 4 to Pelicans
Pick 6, Josh Jackson & more filler to Pelicans
AD to Lakers…
Would give Pelicans 3 picks in the first 6.


AD gets you pick 4 + two of Ingram, Ball or Kuzma

Or it gets you pick 3, future NY first and a bit part or two from NY.

And any offers above that.

AD is the chip you need to attract the other big name FAs. He’s in win now mode


I actually think they could put together a decent starting 5 in NOLA now, what would it be, Payton, Holiday, Zion, Randle, AD

Griffen is a good GM, he will bring in more talent


If the Lakers make a trade for AD it will be with Pick 4 + 1 of the other young core + Josh Hart etc and future picks.

If we do pull the trigger, hopefully Ingram is the one that gets the chop.