NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Leg injury.
Being assessed for a groin problem.


I farking hate the Nuggets.

A team that shows nothing night after night, has two of the biggest trucks in the league in Plumlee and Faried (who only play well against us) and they always beat us despite losing on the boards by double digits, it is just pathetic.

Hate that Jamal Murray pleb as well, down hill skier if I ever saw one.


That jumpshot seems to be coming along.


Sitting 5th in west aren’t they? Must be playing well against someone.


Ref suspended for a week for the incident with Livingston.
Can you imagine the press in Australia if an umpire headbutted a player?


LOLzo Ball.

Looks like bust to me.


Pretty keen to watch the Bucks v Celtics game today. Bucks already have beaten the Celtics but that was before the Celtics hit their straps.


Had a shocker but is finding his feet. Clearly not in ROTY calculations but has had a couple of rippers.


Lonzo is a potentially good player who’s been ■■■■■■ by his dad’s grandstanding if you purely look at his basketballing. But the brand tho ohboy.


Big ankle tweak for Steph. Always get nervous when I see that for him.


He has the talent, just no confidence.

Ingram looked like a bust last year and has come on in leaps and bounds so far this season.

It can be a quick turn around for young players once they gain a bit of confidence and are used to playing night in, night out.


also the worst shooting action ever.


Ball will be fine longer term. Worst case he’s going to give you Kidd numbers. They will have to completely remodel that shot though, I can’t believe that he could make shots in college jacking from his left hip like that. His shooting action is worse than mine.


Worst case Kidd?

That’s massively disrespectful to Jason Kidd he is a top 10 all time PG


wtf even is this ■■■■


Booker :heart:


Kidd numbers

Not Kidd’s mongrel, his knack for making big plays, etc


Look at the defensive set, too.

Embiid is nowhere near his man, he’s defending the space that Booker will drive into. And he still kills them.


huh? Kidd was a star.


Looked bad.

KD just reminding everyone, what flogs GSW are