NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


I’m not watching, but Lonzo’s line looks pretty darn good in comparison to Ben’s


Are they matched up? Lonzo stuffed Ben in a few of the 4?


Talking about the triple double. Ben is there but dont think Lonzo will hit it this time





Some finish! Ball and Ingram combine to inflict a little rookie-comparison revenge on Simmons.



The thing I enjoy the most about watching the Sixers play this year is their two best players do their best work in the paint.

Post moves and attacking the rim.

That’s the basketball I grew up with. So much better than dudes jacking 3’s from 30ft


Ginobli, 40 years old and still hitting game winners


Manu gonna Manu


Simmons is life.


Sixers look to be throwing this one away.


literally throwing it away.


4 missed 3s in a row?


Simmons threw it to an invisible man a few mins ago.


Covington dead?


Dead in the Cavs’ bench.


NBA dancing crowds are something.


Yep… totally thrown away by the Sixers. Really missing Embiid tonight.


atrocious 3 shooting.


Over 4 mins without a scoring from the field.