NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Simmons needs some shooting range.


Cavs accuracy from downtown down the stretch killed the Sixers.

2 points in the last 4:41 for the Sixers. Not good enough. Lose by 7 (98-105).


Fark we were pathetic today


Portland are the Essington Of the NBA.


Nah, Cavs have better depth. 5 on 5 it would have been the 76ers tonight


Booker big for the Sixers tonight. Like him as a pick up


Philly is Essington. They just let teams destroy them in a short period and take the game away from them.


Got the dunk but it’s crazy he’s that open and still doesn’t want to shoot.


You have a hard time rationalising this don’t you?

In the 80’s and 90’s tones of guys were like that, Jordan initially, Dominique, Kidd.

He scored 27 still. It’s not a massive problem. I saw a stat showing that Reddick is getting the most looks he has had his entire career. Defences collapse to the paint as soon as Simmons gets it leaving shooters open everywhere.

Getting a jump shot will open up the driving lanes for Ben, sure. But right now his driving ability opens up shots for the whole team and he is that good a passer it’s not a problem.


When you need someone to hit a 3 in the dying minute of a game, don’t want it in simmons hands.


I’m 37. I’ve been playing basketball since I was 6 and watching it since the days of NBA action after video hits.

No need to son me thinking you are more knowledgeable about the game.


That’s a case for a large portion of the league.

Plus if you need a score in the dying seconds, I would put it in his hands.

This obsession with 3’s has created a false ideal

I’d have Simmons or Giannis at the spurs in a heartbeat.

They are superstars who can take advantage of lazy post defence because everyone became convinced 3’s are the secret


Bill Woods and Steve Carfino, half hour of highlights then a game of the week.

I’d tune in even if it was Atlanta verse Minnesota.


It’s how I followed the warriors. Run TMC on the NBA action highlights!


I wasn’t saying that. I was just suggesting you have been watching a jump shooting team too long you may have forgotten :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That would have been illegal defence back in the day.
Zone defence wasn’t allowed prior to the mid 90s.



Wow. His passing is amazing, even the receiver has only half a clue what’s coming.

A few minor tweaks to his game, but over the next year’s look out.


Man we are getting murdered at the rim, no calls.


Hahaha Aminu get smashed and its play on.

This is the first GSW game I’ve seen this year, good to see the games are being refereed the same.