NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


We traded away our first round pick, so there is no possibility of tanking.


I’m a Lakers fan too.
Up until a week ago, I thought we were tracking well. Maybe not good enough to make playoffs, but certainly better than I thought we’d be.
The last week has been terrible. Goes to show that even though Lonzo has played poorly personally, he’s capable of making the rest of the group play far better with him than without him.
I thought we’d be a bottom 5 to 10 team in the league and it appears that’s where we’ll end up.

I’m not an Ingram fan, but he’s certainly improved this year. Lonzo is a keeper. Kuzma can be our current equivalent of Cedric Ceballos. I also have liked Nance Jnr since he was drafted.

I haven’t been a Randle fan. He’s an undersized power forward that doesn’t have much of an outside shooting game. Something an undersized power forward needs in modern NBA.
I still don’t get the Luol Deng signing.

I don’t think Paul George is the answer. We have Kuzma, Ingram and Lonzo so we need a power forward and centre. Whilst Paul George would be a great addition, I think by the time he starts declining, will be the time we’d want to be challenging.
Lebron is no chance.

If we could somehow get Anthony Davis, then we should go for it. If it meant trading Randle, Ingram and Clarkson then I’d do it (doubt it would be enough).
The only way I’d support getting Paul George is if we could somehow dump Luol Deng to OKC for him or if we somehow got Anthony Davis by trade.

Other than that, we should take notes from New York and just wait it out until we draft some more talent.


Taking notes from NY is the last thing you should do, we are deadset rabble. Have been for some time and will continue to be one.


76ers doing their best to lose the game with rushed plays and unnecessary 3 point shots
24 secs on clock, 5 pts up, Saric catch and pressure shot for 3 misses. FFS


God they’re hard to watch.
Bad shots and sloppy passes.


Simmons has been very quiet in 4th quarters of late


76s had a 23-5 run without Ben on the court.

Redick and McConnel much better offensive options at the moment.

Ben just take it to the ■■■■■■■ hole. We need the dunkfest!


goes missing from offense once he gives up the ball


That’s not fair. He’s had 2 turnovers!


Good win without Embiid.


That’s sort of what I meant.

Here’s a list of players they have signed / traded for…

Carmelo (this turned out okay)
Amare Stoudamire (he was past it and injury riddled)
Mike Bibby (well past it)
Tyson Chandler (good value but wasn’t going to get them past Lebron and Miami)
Baron Davis (injury riddled)
JR Smith (probably their most consistent performer)
Marcus Camby (wtf? - was clearly broken)
Raymond Felton (New York got the best out of him, but he was never going to be more than a bench backup)
Kenyon Martin (wtf?)
Quentin Richardson (wasted pickup)
Andrea Bargnani (they were probably hoping he’d magically turn into Dirk)
Jose Calderon (seriously… you’d think they would have learnt by now)
Aaron Afflalo (wtf?)
Robin Lopez (lol)
Jokim Noah (double lol)
Derrick Rose (triple lol)
Michael Beasley (shouldn’t be anywhere near an NBA team)
Enel Kanter (will be their best pickup, but only because the center position is the least valuable roster spot)
Doug McDermott (might be okay, but has failed to deliver on the promise from three years ago).

Their best pickups have been Kristap and Nitikina. Both of which weren’t welcomed originally by New Yorkers. Yet the above list of has beens were.


You forgot the best of them all.


You should try throwing the toys out of the cot more. Cough.

I dunno, you’re in full rebuild, starting 2? rookies and a 2nd year. You were borderline 50-50 for the first bit, and now you’ve crashed a bit. Eh. It’s going to happen. It’s not toys out of cot territory. Not yet.


Beasley has been playing awesome


Plus you are in the West


Could feasibly finish second in their div (and still suck!)


Harden will probably drop 70 on the Lakers tonight


Simmons nice and aggressive in 4th qtr v suns.


That’s they key isn’t it. He’s driven the hole and is getting the reward.
A dunks and highlight reel layups and going to the line and hitting them.

He even hit a pull-up jumper in the third qtr.