NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


He answered since some questions today


Thomas is back for the Cavs and looked pretty good today with 17 points.
He will definitely improve their lineup a lot and take some pressure off LBJ.


Another game of watching the Sixers build a healthy lead. Just now to sit and wait for them to blow it


Paddy Mills having a great game. Seems every Aussie that takes on Simmons just happens to lift for the occasion


Ben attacking the bucket in the last QTR. Great to watch.


They playing hack a Ben? 15 fta


Only problem was tonight he hit 10 from 15 and probably got them over the line.

They gave up a healthy lead again but got back over the Spurs in the last few minutes. Big win for them.


6 of those Free Throws were because he attacked the rim.


Most of those were him attacking the basket. They deliberately fouled him twice and he hit 3 of the 4 i think.
He was played more aggressively today - great game


Box score said he put up a 3, is this true?


Half way shot on the buzzer


Celtics have beaten Warriors, Cavs and the Rockets. They’re legit.


Bulls have beaten Celtics. They’re legit.


Clippers 7 wins from the last 8 games

Healthy Blake and they are playing some nice ball, he is still a very very good player when healthy

I think they can make a run on the 7/8 seed, not sold on Blazers or Pelicans


First All Star ballot returns, Ben not looking like a starter but might get a run:


Lebron probably needs to pass Giannis. Hopefully being Klutch means Lebron would choose Ben as a captain’s pick.


Isaiah Thomas had a hell of game. 18 minutes and already 7th for guards


Australia doing a terrible job of getting him over the line


Weren’t they doing something different this year?
I thought the highest scoring players get to choose their teammates (or something like that).


Another big reason for clippers resurgence, Milos: