NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!



If Magic Johnson got fined for what he said, Embiid is fined for sure.


We don’t have to tank.
We are always a rabble


Just incredible.

BTW the Warriors stink. They’re not going to make it to the Finals this year.


We don’t even tank well


What did he say? And when did he say it?


Oh man - Green is such a flog

Calling a female ref a ‘■■■■■■■ b****’

A real stand up guy


But still has the ‘what did I do?!’ Face.


Oh my what is happening at the Cavs

Isaiah Thomas and Channing Frye send to the Lakers for Clarkson and Nance and Cavs sending their 2018 first round pick (protected)

Rodney Hood from Jazz to Cavs

Cleveland sending Jae Crowder and Derek Rose to Utah

George Hill to Cavs (Joe Johnson from Jazz to Sacramento)

Cavs sending Iman Shumpter to Kings

Wade back to Miami lol for a second round pick

Sorry hard to follow, what a mess


So many questions

Who runs the point at the Lakers?

Who runs the points at the Cavs? (well dah - that’s lebron, just like he is GM, coach, CEO,PF,SG,C)

There is not a chance he can be considered GOAT in my eyes


What the hell the Jazz want Crowder and Rose for??


Surely IT?


Papa Lonzo will have an opinion on that

But he would fit nicely into their no defence system


Suns finally get a point guard taller than 6’
I think Payton might work in Phoenix.

I also think the Cavs did very well!




If IT can get back to where he was last year then great trade for us but the whole Boston team was surrounded by IT being the man which he wasn’t in Cleveland so it might work.

Lonzo is out Indefinately at this stage as the team can never seem to give an exact time frame on when to expect him back. So I can see why they went and got another point as Caruso and Ennis just aren’t good enough.

I hate losing Nance as I love his athleticism and his hustle but these things have to be done. Getting another first rounder is crucial for us to add another piece to the roster.

We need more reliable scoring which IT should be able to give us, it is just a matter of whether or not he can be the player he was last year but after that injury he hasn’t looked the same either.

Channing Frye will be handy as a stretch big too.

The Cavs just did something dumb though IMO as trading all those guys out and bringing all those new guys in, yes they are arguably a more talented bunch of players than the ones going out but they will also struggle to build chemistry and synergy on the court before the playoffs.

Could really see Cleveland imploding imminently.


Lakers cleaned up. That 1st is gold. They won’t re sign IT


Cleveland were already imploding.
Lebron wasn’t going to stick around the way they were going.
The trades just give him another group of players to think about staying around with. If they go backwards and miss the playoffs, I can see Lebron leaving. But if the mix works, then he’s a chance of staying.
I think Cleveland did very well. They were able to make all those trades for younger, better talent without trading their two best players or give up that Brooklyn draft pick.

As far as the Lakers are concerned…
IT will get his contract paid out. Don’t see him fitting in with Lonzo.
Looks like they’ve cleared enough salary cap with this trade to go for two big stars this off season.


AFL trades have nothing on this 5d chess


It just shows how good Brad Stevens is as a coach that he was able to get the season out of IT that he did. Been listening to a lot of basketball podcasts and segments on YouTube, everyone at the time of the Kyrie/IT trade said we (Boston) paid overs. How’s that deal looking now? IT and Crowder are already gone, all that is left is that Brooklyn pick, Zizic and I think an extra 2nd round pick which we had to throw in when they found out IT was hurt. Cleveland should’ve known what they were getting. It has backfired and it probably may have still backfired even if IT got to the Cavs without the hip issues. In Boston Stevens made it work. He let IT handle the ball, he gave him responsibility, and he was brilliant, especially down the stretch in games. They also made up for his lack of size on defence by having good defenders around him to pick up the slack, which clearly this Cleveland roster didn’t have. Stevens also got good production out of Crowder. Both failed at the Cavs.