NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


wtf was that covington?


Thomas is balling in his first game for the Lakers.

Our run and gun style of play is so much more suited to him than how they play in Cleveland.


And then we farking lose to the Mavs.

■■■■■■■ unbelievably ■■■■


New Cavs Roster played pretty well today and dominated the Celtics.


Man that was some potent offense from Cavs. SHooters everywhere.


and have Love to come back into the lineup. That’s a potent team!


keeping my power dry on the Cavs until after the AS break


Jazz win 9th in a row. Another road win this time at the Trailblazers.
Jingles 24 points (6-9 triples), 5r, 4a, 2s
Mitchell must be in the ROTY discussion. I think Simmons has him covered, but the difference is closing.


Joe is on a tear of late.



Was Ingles much of a 3 point shooter when in the NBL? I don’t remember him being that good, certainly nothing like he is now.


He was streaky, but when he was on he could make it rain. Now he is found his consistency.

Really should have been in the 3 point contest


Thanks I was not a fan of the Dragons so I did not follow him too closely.


I’ve still got my Dragons hoodie. I cant chuck that out / salvos it.

I’ll be in Utah in a couple of weeks. Tempted to wear it to a game and give Joe a shout out.


4th on 3 point percentages in the NBA at 45%
IIRC Klay is ahead of him just; Bullock and Hill 1 & 2 on a low volume of shots compared to Thompson and Ingles.


It really is amazing how well he is shooting.
Had a pretty funky action with elbow pointing out, but he’s turned into a legit sniper from 3.


Jingles draining them from Steph Curry range today.


He’ll win an MVP if he keeps shooting 3’s like this!


Early in the 2nd half v the Spurs Jingles has 15 pts on 6/9 shooting (3/5 downtown). This is epic stuff!


pop put the clamps on