NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


That was a ripper game


"Joe Ingles during the Jazz 10-game winning streak

57.8 FG%
57.1 3P%
100 FT%"



killers and kendrick doing the all stars music.


“point forward”


That call for the holmes free throws was awful.


that redick shot was hella tough.


Simmons another TD.
18p 12r 10a 4s in the 76ers come from miles behind win.


A lot of momentum for Mitchell in the ROY race but realistically, you wouldn’t think it was that close.


Hahaha man these fouls being called on Blazers are hilarious.


Simmons is first or second in just about every stat category (points rebounds assists steals blocks minutes)

Mitchell is super good but Simmons having a better year IMO.


Both are extraordinary to watch.


Simmons just controls the game, he looks so smooth.


This fourth quarter is insane


If the award was to be given out now, Simmons would romp it in.
But Mitchell is on a hell of a roll, and gaining fast. There’s lots of time for him to catch up.
The 2nd half of the season will decide it.


I don’t know what was more emberassing…the opening the anthem or the half time entertainment…


Huge story coming out of the mavs


Isn’t it great when off court issues are ‘huge stories’…


You see too much positivity around the all stars weekend.


That pass to Embiid… Look away pass, doesn’t even look to see if it connects… just turns and heads back. Orazio levels of cockiness


Simmons went off. 32 points, two FT to get the win, 11 assists, 7 boards.