NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


top tier commentary on the nba.


I don’t think it’ll be good. too inconsistent to be a threat to anyone.


Great to see Exum back with much more aggression in his game.
Guess he had to otherwise he may have been playing elsewhere.


is there anything he can’t do?

apart from a jump shot.


heat are choking hard

edit: unchoke themselves and make play offs.


Finally we lock up that playoff spot! Tell you what; Following Essendon and Miami is not for the weak hearted.


there’s been some insane dunks today.


Plays on PC by the look of that too


No way you can aim that good on console.

@benfti begs to differ though.




aim assist plebs


There is actually zero aim assist on the console guys, like none.

You can always tell a pc player trying it out on console, they are spraying it all over the place


Harden having some fun.


76ers get #12 win in a row, eliminating the Pistons out of the playoffs. East is set.

Spurs vs Lakers in OT.


Lakers win. Jazz has sole possession of #4 seed now.
Anyone’s guess what will happen in the West now.


Not really sure who I would prefer Miami to face in the first round.
Cleveland are definitely vulnerable, but playoff Lebron can be almost anyone.
Miami has done well against the 76ers in the regular season but they are on a massive streak and playing so well at just the right time.


Hats off to the Jazz, if they hold that spot it will be for the second season in a row.

No one saw that coming when Hayward left


no one say mitchell being such a gun.

huge hand for coach quinn, man looks like he kills people in his off time, but knows how to coach.



Irving done for the years, out for 4-5 months.