NBA 2019/20

Happy NBA day everyone!!!

Can’t wait to see the Suns surprise everyone and make the western conference playoffs.

Lookout for Ayton and Booker to become the new dynamic duo.


Irving out. Horford a big loss. Challenging season looms, but go the Celtics! :shamrock: May push for an Eastern Conference final.

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Feels like there are about 10 teams in it this year and maybe half who could win it. Actually a shallow pool but it should make for some ripping games

Kemba in!


you might take Golden States spot.

The West is crazy tough.


Bring it.

Is Bolden a chance to step up this year as Ben does.

I hope Ben goes for a 3 first game, put league on notice

What happened to Horford?

I believe JR is referring to his departure from the Celtics.

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Golden state will be top 4, nothing surer. Statement year for Steph and Dray

Here, we, go!

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76ers are going to bring bully boy basketball back and change the league like Steph did 5-6 years ago. Go Philly!


Clippers, Lakers, Houston fill out the top 3 spots.

then you got Portland, Jazz, Nuggets and Golden State all fighting for the 4th spot.

Not that sure at all.

Celtics might perform better. Seems a more harmonious locker room already after the issues last year. From what I’ve seen pre-season the ball movement is far better.

Pelicans been OK so far in Toronto minus Zion. But the big game is later on, Lakers v Clippers. Kawhi v LeBron/AD.

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Celtics will go ok again…man I miss Isaiah

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Lakers v Clippers living up to the hype. LeBron, AD and Kawhi ballin’ out. So good to have you back NBA!

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Lakers will want to get a lot out of their starters cause their bench doesn’t look very intimidating. When Daniels and Dudley are part of the rotation :astonished:

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Take-always Lakers and Clips fans?

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Haven’t seen it, but the box score has to be concerning for LAL fans in terms of depth of scoring.

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