NBA 2019/20

Not this year mate. They’ve played better when he isn’t on the court.

I’m no Ben hater but I don’t overrate him either.

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Since Ben’s injury, They’ve been horrendous.

They’ve only played two games winning one and losing one!

Lost one to Denver who are amongst the Western conference favourites and they won today.

Reddick is the big loss imo.

Sixers look more predictable without Ben

His lack of jump shot is his super power. Means he has to be creative to score and that opens up defenses

Booker on fire. Hit 4/4 threes. But will probably sit out the rest of the match.

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Only played 10 against the Jazz as well. We’ll never know but suspect both Denver and Utah gathers finish differently with Simmons. Even today, Charlotte pushed them.

I just think he’s been very poor particularly defensively this season. Booker absolutely embarrassed him!

And offensively he’s too predictable imo. It’s either layup or pass.


His 3 shooting (or not) is beyond just bad, and such a non-factor that it’s almost a good thing again?

Such a weirdo outlier in today’s game that sides have to change how they defend quite a bit.

The Lakers put in a pathetic effort against an undermanned Toronto and lose at home.

Kyle Kuzma again a cancer on either side of the ball but was a guaranteed bucket on defence each time he switched onto Siakam. Siakam couldn’t hit a thing until Kuzma hit the floor and then turned into the second coming of MJ.

Fingers crossed they trade him before it is too late.

Seriously need to pull their fingers out with efforts like that at home.

I’m trying to like the Lakers again but it’s the Lakers fans I can’t stand.

7-2 record which is good enough for best in the West and 2nd best record overall.
But still the complaints come. Teams have ups and downs, even the Lakers. Get over it.

You were probably spitting your chips all over the keyboard when they lost the first to the clippers.

There is a reason they kept Kuz. Relax, he will find his groove.


I think the logic is the more you whinge, the better it makes your team go.

Because accepting mediocrity yada yada yada.

Tell that to Knicks fans

I don’t recognise a single name on their roster

Losing kristaps was the worst thing that could happen for them

Me I’m loving him and luka, watch out next year these two spark each other up

Porzingis is going to be a monster in 2 years, at times he looks like he’s playing against school children, just flat footed shoots over them

Should have kept Ingram, he has been looking really good this year.

Who knew eh?

I said it at the time that I thought we overpaid to get AD and that I thought there would be a higher ceiling with Ball, Ingram and Hart and those first round picks than just AD. Sure AD will be a good get and he has looked great in the one game I have seen him play (against the Heat on SBS last week).

I guess historically most great sides have had a dominant big man however small ball is starting to erode that long held dominance.

Wouldn’t be surprised if Cleveland roll Philly today

I would!

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Simmons is playing.

Just going on stats alone here… Is it Philly’s heinous outside shooting performance keeping the Cavs in it?

Harris (who has been good this year) is throwing bricks. 0 from 9 from the arc but keeps going.

0-10 now lolz. Hey Benny just jack 1 up you can do it

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