NBA 2019/20


Oops had a look at the highlights and roster take that back

Talk about panic from a very small sample size.

Clippers were very very good last year and added two massive pieces. They are clear favourites for the whole thing.

Lakers got beat by 10 points without any help from the bench. They were in it all the way.
Not as written off as everyone thinks.

Got to love the Clippers though. Last year they started with Blake Griffin and they were one of my hated teams. This year they are just so fun to watch.


You’d hate to play against Leonard but you’d be in awe too.

Like banging head against brick wall

Just keeps scoring

To be fair, the Clippers were missing one of those two “massive pieces”.


For a team that is long and should have a great interior presence, they don’t rim protect and rebound well at all.

Down the stretch of that game there was just missed rebounds after missed rebounds and shots that should’ve been blocked that just weren’t.

I know there will be teething pains but they seriously need to pull it together quick considering after the first quarter we got battered and wouldn’t have gotten close if it weren’t for Green having a stellar game and George being out.

Howard is just a walking bucket on defence, can’t jump anymore and missed dunks. We will miss Boogie.

Quinn Cook looked great in pre-season but couldn’t hit a shot to save himself today.

LeBron needs to try and score more instead of acting as a pass first point guard. He absolutely bullied Beverley to begin the game and we were well on top and then either he or Vogel just thought: “well that is working too well so let’s just stop that shall we?”

Yeah. The Clippers will probably be the bench mark this year but we need to be playing a hell of a lot better than that against a Paul George-less Clippers team who should have been bullied out of the building by a taller and stronger Lakers team IMO.

They are still better than Rondo.

I’d rather play 4 on the floor than give Rondo minutes.

It would be Christmas come early if he somehow didn’t play a minute for us this year.

Clippers :heart_eyes:

Pat Bev is a menace.

Looking forward to PG to slot in too.

And for at least one day I can laugh at the butthurt Lakers fans who have given Clippers fans ■■■■ forever.


Mate of mine is in SF from Melbourne and was wondering if we could go to the Warriors home opener at the brand new Chase Center tomorrow night. I had to gently remind him that this is a city of Millionaires/Billionaires, that tickets have been sold out for ages, and are going for outrageous prices on the secondary market. How outrageous:

  • Cheapest, view restricted seat = US$153
  • VIP, front row seat = US$9,700 (NOT A TYPO)

He supports the Hawks and kindly accompanied me to my first Bombers game in 12 years in August. Yeah, the one where the Bulldogs demolished us (and my heart). In that case I shouted him the ticket. I am NOT shouting tickets to the Warriors…


What is the capacity of the new stadium?


And, as luck would have it, my mate shouted me a ticket. Clippers v Warriors. Tomorrow night. Go Dubs.


That is pretty cool!

Rubio adds so much to this team already.

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And Booker’s second half defense has been :drooling_face:

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Will lead the league in Assists!

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And Steals!

I haven’t seen the game but for me the best stat is Ayton with 4 blocks!!

Oubre was huge!!

Booker, Rubio and Ayton all double doubles.

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Biggest winning margin of the season so far.

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Is the biggest winning margin in the first week the new tie breaker to decide the championship? :wink:

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