NBA 2020-21 and Olympic Basketball

Not a huge turn around, season will start December 22nd. Already it seems the Lakers to lose.

More Aussies in the league again, assuming the stragglers find a job in free agency.

This is how it stands for the Aussies currently for those not able to keep up.

76ers: Simmons, Thybulle, Broekhoff.
Cavs: Delly, Exum
Jazz: Ingles
Mavs: Green
Pelicans: Magnay (signed today)
Spurs: Patty
Raptors: Baynes

Still to land but should are Maker and Bolden, and possibly Landale.

From the local League looking to boost their draft range are Josh Giddey (who’s projecting as a lottery pick on some boards already, and Mojave King who’s just outside it. Tamuri Wigness is also shaping up as a second rounder at this stage (which remarkably would mean the 3rd Australian of Torres Straight Islander decent in the league)

Should be a fun year coming up.


I’m really surprised Bolden and Landale aren’t in the NBA.

And Maker tbh

Jock Landale sounds like someone who played for the Cincinatti Royals in 1971.

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Or someone that played for either Rangers or Celtic…

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And looks like this:



Maker reported to be joining Delly and Exum at the Cavs.
Will make 2 teams with 3 Aussies if Broekhoff gets a contract.


Bogut retires.

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Rowdy has a contract.

Don’t think he’s guaranteed a roster spot though is he?

Yep, it is. Signed 1 year, vet min. It’s maker that has to earn his

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Bizarre trade.


That’s a great trade for Houston.
Lots of money with Wall, but the 1st round is great.
If they get something similar for Harden, then their rebuild would be on the way.

For Washington, it’s odd. I don’t think Westbrook and Beal fit at all.

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At least Westbrook plays. When was the last time Wall played an NAB game? I don’t think the trade dramatically improves either team. It might scrape Washington into 8th but they’re still a very meh team.

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On paper it’s ok

Cousins or Bryant

They have Deni off the bench or in Rui’s slot.

It’s ok, and it is the East

In other weird news.
Apparently Wall became part owner of SEM Phoenixs last week.

He did

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2 weeks!!!

i am still only just coming to terms with how good jamal murray was in the playoffs

there was some classic series

jazz / nuggets was insane

miami boston was brutal stuff

it sucks that dragic injury robbed us of a great ending

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He was a ripper. Saw some Lakers fans on twitter say words to the effect of, we saw Lillard and Harden off and they were not too worried but Murray gave them serious concerns.

I guess with Lillard and Harden you expect to cop long 3’s and around 30 PPG but Murray was doing the long shots and pushing 30 PPG at times.

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