NBA 2022/23

Miami the last 2 games look like they’re sleep walking

Looks a different team from first 3 games

Absolutely no plays being executed

I watch Miami religiously since butler and something is majorly up

This is opposite of the heat i know

Miami playing so rattled so many turnovers

Boston can’t miss game was due

The giant has awoken.

What a story this could be.

Bam is scared. Probably wants a trade to Celtics to be with his bffl Tatum.

Everytime Celtics try the hero ball ■■■■ it costs them points :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Feel a Jimmy Butler game incoming

Miami just looked like they were going through the motions today.
They would want to be sure they can turn it on in game 6 at home.

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Winner of Game 6 wins the series


Hopefully Scott Foster is rostered on to officiate Game 6. Agree with @Aceman, it either ends in Game 6 and Miami advance, or if we get a Game 7 the Celts might pull off an all-time comeback.

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I think the Heat will eventually close them out.

Boston are at that phase of an Essington game, where after conceding a massive lead and playing terribly, they get their ■■■■ together and make a big comeback and give the fans some hope of a miraculous win, only to fall short.

It’s definitely doable, but I can’t see the Heat dropping 4 in a row


It’s never been done in NBA history. I also expect that it’s closed out in Miami. We will see how many petrol tickets Boston have spent just clawing their way back to 3-2…

seriously looked like miami team all had the flu, the last two games, weirdest turnovers

Can’t have Miami lose. I don’t want to cheer for the nuggets

Not only will you cheer for The Nuggets, but you will proclaim loudly to one and all that Nikola Jokic is a much better player than Joel Embiid. :rofl:

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The only time I can recall a team overhaul a 3-0 in a best of 7 playoff series in any US sport was back in the 2004 ALCS when the Red Sox came back and beat the Yankees and ended the Curse of the Bambino. Just researching this, there are only another 4 occasions in US Pro sport that a 3-0 deficit has been overhauled:

  • 1942 Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL)
  • 1975 New York Islanders (NHL)
  • 2010 Philadelphia Flyers (NHL)
  • 2014 LA Kings (NHL)

Records are there to be broken


Trust the team I support so blow this lead. Can already see it happening for Boston.

Certainly been better in the playoffs. Still a traffic cone at the defensive end but is scoring at much higher levels. Less stat padding and just balling out.

Miami v Denver finals is good for basketball