NBA 23/24

yikes again.

Two traps on steph have caused some mayhem.

Klay should have drawn the foul

so i guess that means it will be warriors v lakers in play in. Going to be really tough to cover AD.

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the lebron jj podcast is a fascinating listen


Some dude (Malachi Flynn) just dropped 50 off the bench for the Pistons in a loss. That’s some crazy numbers for someone i’ve never heard of.

What’s the record off the bench?

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I recall Tony Delk (or maybe it was someone else) who scored 50 off the bench. It was either late 90s or early 2000s.


OKC are emanating a stench that no human nose could abide.

Complete Celtics performance. I think the 8 that played the majority of the minutes (starting 5 plus Al, Hauser and Pritchard) will be the playoff rotation, obviously unless injury intervenes…

It was within reach at the end of the 3rd, then sat Giddey and Dort; it was then well and truly out of reach when Giddey came back 3 minutes into the 4th, so they then sat all the starters with over half the period left and gave up 42 in the final period.

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Yep. Daginault’s rotations have been a little mysterious to me at times this year, but you can’t argue too much with results.

On the one hand, with the potential MVP missing you don’t read too much in to a loss to a red-hot Celtics. On the other hand, that’s the kind of lubeless brick-rogering that can scar a team.

Hopefully it’s just the former.

Looks like 50 off the bench has happened 3 times ever.




With no Shai or J-dub, they clearly were expecting to absorb the loss.


I agree 99%, it just looked…bad.

bam playing like hes the best 76er right now

It is nice to have Embiid back. Maxey looks more dangerous.

heat with an all time 4th q collapse.

Poor Heat :frowning:

OKC v Pacers and refs.

Holmgren sitting with three fouls at the end of the first, two of which are some of the least correct calls you’d ever see.