NBA 23/24

It’s not so much that. It’s that these guys can’t shoot, and it gets exposed even more in playoffs. Giddey is still a good basketballer but his outside game is non-existent, which ruins the floor spacing for OKC because they simply don’t pay any attention took to him if he’s beyond the arc and collapse back on the rest of them. I think he will eventually get it right because he seemingly has the drive to, unlike Simmons who will be in his final season in the NBA next year.


I don’t know man, there were 3 first round picks from Australia in that Dallas OKC game and none of them are getting meaningful minutes. Simmons is cooked, Bogut was a number one pick that fizzled (fair enough injuries), Daniels and Thybulle have gone backwards. Outside of bogut bashing guys for the first five minutes of GS playoff games I can’t remember any Australians making a meaningful contribution in the playoffs.

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Spot on.
Think his outside shooting will get better, but I’m not sure he can be the third best player on a team.
Maybe a good fourth or fifth role player in the starting lineup or a great player to have coming off the bench.

Also, unfortunately, the NBA is heavily star driven. So all offences are set to space the ball for the better players to use their athleticism or skills and maximise their chances to win.
In some ways, Giddey is lucky he’s on a relatively young and even team so he is afforded the chance to develop his game as others develop.

In a team with veteran superstars, he could find himself in the ‘blame game’ and struggle with his confidence. But also, if he can get his shot to a reliable level, he can help space the ball for the superstars and vice versa, the superstars can help draw the attention so he can do his thing.


In all honesty, those players are all role players. So come playoffs, if they aren’t in the first 8 rotations, they are unlikely to get games in playoffs unless it’s a blowout. Some teams go to a 7 man rotation and the 8th gets around 5 minutes.

It’s a shame about Simmons. He has all the attributes to be the best Aussie to ever play. But his lack of jump shot was too big a hurdle to get over and that Atlanta series totally destroyed his confidence after that.
I’m quite happy to say that Andrew Gaze is the best Aussie we’ve produced. I will admit, I have no idea about Aussie basketballs prior to the 19080s. I’m glad we got to see him in the NBL and think he would have been great in the modern game as well.
I’d say Luc Longley is second. He was more important to the Bulls team than we ever appreciated during that time. Stats weren’t great, but his importance to that team shouldn’t be underestimated.
Paddy Mills and Joe Ingles are a close third. Both are considered role players in NBA but they help space the floor.

I’m not sure what’s required to get our version of Giannis, Jokic or Luka. Probably just a lot of luck and that player having to grow up and learn to play basketball in another country.
There’s not enough money to make Australia a developing pathway for basketball players.


These are almost generational players. Even America doesn’t produce them every year or perhaps 1 within a span of 10 years.
Given our population and number of players produced, 1 in 50 years for Australia.
But if we can produce Ingles / Mills level players every few years, we’re doing well.
I still have good hopes for Giddey, Green and Daniels. They have the capability of being solid starters or at the very least key rotational pieces.

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In a weird way, we produce more players capable of making it to the NBA.
But other countries (Spain, Germany, Slov, etc.) have had the one generational player sprinkled with one or two other average players around them.
We’re at a point where we’ve had a starting lineup of NBA players for the last 8 years or so.

It would be great to get some better NBA talent through our NBL comp to lift the standards and expectations of the league. We do have John Wall here as an owner so that may change eventually. Aside from Lamelo Ball, I can’t think of an ex NBA player to play here (acknowledge that Lamelo played here instead of college basketball).

The NBA pathway through the NBL is rotating good players through the system. Granted they aren’t ex NBA players (we have had a few Australian ex NBA players, but I assume you mean American or other).

I meant American.
If we want to generate more NBA talent then we need to learn off the Americans.
Doing it from here would fast track it rather than sending our players over there to their high school / college system.

Weirdly, when Shane Heal came back and played in NBL, the game style here shifted a little towards the way the current NBA is (lots of 3 point shooting, drive and dish for 3s, etc). Also having a shorter population (as well as AFL taking most of the taller players) means that centres were more scarce.

Not sure how current NBL games are played though.
Haven’t seen a game since Joe Ingles was playing for the South East Melbourne Dragons.

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I find the NBL a pretty good watch. There’s a good mix between inside play from the 4 and 5 and obviously shooting the 3. It’s less about iso plays and more about team, which is the Australian ethos in sport anyway.

I’ve been watch a bit of Euro basketball and that really floats my boat. The crowds are something else, and again it’s team basketball, great passing, shooting, the lack of timeouts and the end of games flows better than the NBA where the final 5 mins takes like 15-20 mins to complete. I was snowed under with work today so only really watched the 2nd half of the Mavs and Thunder, but when I did get the chance to flick through the scores for the Celtics today it felt like the last quarter took half an hour. The clock moves so slowly!


I definitely wish Euroleague was easier for me to watch/follow.
Loved the way the Warriors used to play with Steph and Klay running off a kazillion screens vs a 5 out PnR heavy offence.

Timbernuggs going to 7?

Looking over already… They did get off the canvas a few times against the Lakers but this looks tough. Game 7

Still early in this game

Great adjustments by Minnesota.
Looks like they are going with different defenders against Jokic. It means he can’t find a comfort zone.

Also looks like they are trying to force him to defend as well which is why Embiid causes him more trouble than anyone else.

I didn’t see this one coming, I thought Denver had figured them out and would close it 4-2 on momentum.


Denver have really mailed this one in.

2 missed FT’s

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He’s a classic!


Bricking it so far, not a great start